I was soaked (through).

I was drenched. /drentʃ/

[] We were caught in the storm and got drenched to the skin.en我們遇上暴雨,淋得渾身透濕。
[] His face was drenched with sweat.en他滿頭大汗。

I like a drown cat.

I was saturated.(formal way) = completely wet

I.         Like or dislike

A.      I don’t mind queuing. /Kju/ 排隊

B.      I don’t fancy fishing.

C.      I can’t stand travelling …

D.      I object to paying money.

E.      She doesn’t want to miss out the opportunity.

II.       Recommendation

A.      I urge you to see that.

B.      I advise you to go to there.

C.      I encourage you to go to there

D.      I recommend + you to go there/ going there

E.      She persuaded us to do that.

III.      Other

A.      I’m thinking of taking a break.

B.      I can’t afford to eat that.

C.      I can’t imagine living there.

D.      We look forward to seeing you.

E.      You can avoid offending her.



Cultural awareness文化認知

A must-see = a must

I found it a bit dull/touristy

It’s easy to find your way around if you want to go.


Intonation. 語調

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