# open minded/giving or given in a generous way

He is liberal with his money. 他花錢大方。/ with wine

#Liberal arts 文科

#大量的, 豐富的, 充足的

My uncle gave me a liberal amount of money during my college years. 我上大學期間, 我叔叔給了我很多錢。


#libertine放蕩者; 玩樂者

# liberals ß–> conservation

@mortified/ feel mortified = very embarrassed

She was absolutely mortified to hear her son swearing at the teacher.


The troops had camouflaged themselves so effectively that the enemy didn’t notice them approaching.


He trod heavily and reluctantly up the stairs.

tread water

to float vertically in the water by moving the legs and the arms up and down.


He looked a bit offended when you called him middle-aged.

Swear words

Cuss word

@en mass

The shop’s 85 workers have resigned en masse.

@faux pas /ˌfəʊˈpɑː/

words or behaviour that are a social mistake or not polite

I made some remark about his wife’s family then realized I’d made a serious faux pas.

@ relieve yourself

To piss


Question tag

He is Irish, isn’t he?

         *   ***  = Q                  50% confidence   

         **  *    = expect you to agree   90-100% confidence

She did, didn’t she?


@ tacky【美】【口】趣味低下的

They spread a lot of tacky gossip about his love life. 關於他的愛情生活, 他們散播了許多不堪的閒言閒語。


@to chuck out sb / to force someone to leave a place

He had been chucked out of school for taking drugs.

Several kids were chucked out of the dance after a fight broke out.

They were in the pub from the end of work until chucking out time. (= the time it closed)

@ to have an affair with the kid’s nanny. 【主英】保姆

@ the marriage is a sham(欺騙; 騙局[S])

Newspapers have described their marriage as a sham.

@ A paper about him sleeping with the call girls.

@ To kerb-crawling [ˋkə:b͵krɔ:liŋ] (汽車駕駛員為尋找娼妓)沿路緣緩慢行駛

@ red light district

Amsterdam has a world-famous red-light district. 阿姆斯特丹有一個世界聞名的紅燈區。

@ To be filmed accepting a bribe. [braib] 賄賂

The official was dismissed from office for taking bribes. 這官員因受賄被免職。

@ to be exposed as a fraud.

@ to be admitted to rehab for addition to heroin.

@ to batter sb

@shit a brick   166 up, 25 down

1. To be extremely surprised and displeased about something.

2. Something you do while waiting very anxiously for something.

3. An exclamation of displeasure.

1. Man, he’s gonna shit a brick when he finds out you wrecked his car!

2. …so we’re sittin’ there shittin’ bricks waiting to see if the cop is going to give us a ticket!

2. Shit a brick! We’ve got a test in Calculus tomorrow!


@ He was bricking it = he was shitting a brick= very nervous

@ to brick up the window = block

@ to circle = to attack

@ to foot the bill付清

@ To sellotape塑料(透明)膠帶, sticktape

@ to bus people in

@ to floor him = to defeat him

Floor me, I have no idea about the answer.

Floor a question, then people can ask me

@gas him = kill him

@ to pen = to write

@ to table = to put it on the table for people to discuss

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