@well-adjusted /完全適應環境的

@be embroiled in [imˋbrɔil] litigation

The country at first did not want to become embroiled in the battles. 這個國家起初不想捲入到戰爭中去。

@ the minimum requirement is C-cup

@ increased in proportion to ….be in proportion to

@ Athena is gaggling for love. 渴望

@ Like pissing razor blades

@condom, femidom

@ What do you do in your creational time?


Buddhist cult崇拜, (有極端宗教信仰的)異教團體

“Once bitten, twice shy”


@ is a nobody; is famous.

@ A front for the local mafia.

@ there was a celebrity do 

@ to elbow our way用肘推;用肘擠

@ to word it right. To use word correctly. Choose and use particular words in order to say or write (something)

@ to knee me ( in the testicles)

@ to pencil you in臨時記下

We’ve pencilled in a meeting for Tuesday afternoon. 我們暫定星期二下午開會。

Shall I pencil you in for Friday?(= for a meeting) 我要不要先記下你星期五開會?

@ he was outed. Reveal the homosexuality of (a prominent person)

@ to up, raise/ to increase the price or amount of something 提高的價格(或數量)

@ switched-on知道最新流行的;懂得時髦的

@ to down two beers.


It is outrageous. 可惡的

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