Polish (Poland)

French (France)

Russian (Russia)

Spanish (Spain)

Italian (Italy)

English (England)

Portuguese[ˈportʃʊˌgiz] (Portugal)

@ Easy to let foreign languages slide

@ Be really on the ball to understand foreign language

@ The best way to pick up new vocabulary is by reading a lot.

@ more than 10 hours working equals overload.

lingua franca /a shared language of communication used by people whose main languages are different (母語不同的人共用的)通用語,交際語


smarty panst = smart alec自作聰明的人;好逞能的人


@You’ll succeed in passing the exam(at the exam)

@ After graduated, she opted for a career in music.( to learn music) 選擇;挑選

@stem form sth = be due to, because

His bad behavior stems from his poor school education.

@This book is lacking in originality. To lack originality

@ be riddled with= be full of

His body is riddled with cancer.

Her typing is slow and riddled with mistakes.

@To distinguish A from B

@ To bother about/with = To think that …is important

I’m not bothered about what he thinks.

@ be nervous about/of the future/ exam

@ to benefit from


@ not have a clue (in formal)

to know nothing about something or about how to do something


I don’t have a clue where she lives. 我完全不知道她住在哪裏。

@ off the top of my head 沒有經過仔細考慮或仔細計算 沒有做好準備

Sorry, I can’t give you the exact figure off the top of my head. But I guess the percentage of working women in the American labor force right now is about, oh say, 47%.

@I am pretty sure (that)… or sure of/about sth  or sure to V

I’m pretty sure (that) he’ll agree. 他會同意的,對此我有相當的把握。

@ I’ve never heard of …

@ I know it like the back of my hand. 熟悉

I knew the pathway like the back of my hand.

@ offhand 當下

I don’t know it offhand.

I can’t you offhand

@ I know it by heart. 銘記在心

@ I know it inside out. (informal)

know somebody/something inside out;   know somebody/something like the back of your hand.

to be very familiar with something 對…極為熟悉(或瞭如指掌) informal

This is where I grew up. I know this area like the back of my hand. 我在這兒長大的,我對這地方再熟悉不過了。

@ know next to nothing about/of it幾乎不了解;幾乎一無所知

@ I have not the faintest idea of ….

used to emphasize that you do not know something 絲毫不知道 spoken

What’s she talking about? I’ve no idea. “她在講什麼?”“我一點也不瞭解。”

He hasn’t the faintest idea how to manage people. 他根本不懂得人事管理。

I didn’t have the faintest idea what you meant. 我一點也不明白你的意思。

@ I am fairly certain that…., to some extent but not very 一定地;相當地

I’m fairly certain I can do the job. 我有相當把握能幹這項工作。

The report was fairly incomprehensible. 這份報告相當難懂

@ be positive ~ (about sth) / that    / completely sure

I can’t be positive about what time it happened. 我說不準這事是什麼時間發生的。

She was positive that he had been there. 她確信他曾在場。


Patent office 專利局

hot (air)balloon 熱氣球


本篇發表於 ST。將永久鏈結加入書籤。



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