@ To blag it./  I blagged some tickets for the game. 我騙到了這場比賽的幾張門票。

@ CPD (continued professional development)

@ an adrenaline junky

@ To abstain from sex. Abstinence

@ sexual arousal

@ Semen ~ spermatozoa

@ Nepotism 唯親任人

@ “ Sow your wild oats”

of young men 青年男子 to go through a period of wild behaviour while young, especially having a lot of romantic or sexual relationships 過放蕩不羈的生活

@ blueballed priest

@ A sense of achievement


# set achievable goals

# to face challenges

# to rise to the challenge  奮起應付挑戰

# make my dream come true

# couldn’t have done it without

# a burning ambition燃燒的野心

# To have the right attitude

# A daunting challenge一項艱鉅的挑戰

She was a brave woman but she felt daunted by the task ahead. 她是一個勇敢的女人,但對面前的任務卻感到信心不足。

She has the daunting task of cooking for 20 people every day. 她每天得做 20 個人的飯,這是一項可怕的任務。

@ the hospitality industry餐旅業, 接待服務事業

@ musical talent = a talent for music

@ Two condemned presoners

@ A phenomenal professor了不起的;非凡的 =  eminent卓越的,著名的,顯赫的

@ To pick up the language

@ wince /wɪns/(因痛苦或尷尬)齜牙咧嘴,皺眉蹙額

I still wince when I think about that stupid thing I said. 我想到我說過的蠢話時仍懊悔不已。

@ gargle [ˈgɑrbḷ] 混淆 confused

@ be on the ball

to be aware of and understand what is happening and able to react quickly 敏銳;機警

The new publicity manager is really on the ball. 新任宣傳部經理的確精明幹練。

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