24_Celebrity and scandal_II

@Women’s Liberty (自由權)

@ fifteen minutes of fame / (因新聞媒體的報導) 短暫出名; 大出風頭 (亦作 15 minutes of fame, 係由 fame is for fifteen minutes 引申而來)

Everyone will have their fifteen minutes of fame 出名的機會

@ fly-on-the-wall TV show

The name derived from the idea that events are seen candidly, as a fly on a wall might see them/ candid camera 袖珍照相機(偷拍照片時專用)

@ detox(n) = detoxification

a detox clinic 戒癮(診)所;戒毒所

He’s gone into detox. 他進了戒毒所。

@ To splash something across/over something to put a photograph, news story, etc. in a place where it will be easily noticed 把(照片、新聞報道等)安排在顯著位置;在突出位置刊載

Make a splash 引起轟動

Splash out 大花錢


@ The limelight/’laɪmˈlaɪt/ fade/變暗


Black faded on the final bend. 布萊克在最後一個彎道處速度慢了下來。

@ duo /’duo/一對表演者

@ propel /prə’pɛl/ 推動

mechanically propelled vehicles 機動車輛

He succeeded in propelling the ball across the line. 他成功地把球帶過線。

@ culmination /ˈkʌlmə’neʃən/

頂點;巔峰;高潮;終點 noun singular written

The reforms marked the successful culmination of a long campaign. 這些改革標誌着一場長期運動的勝利結束。

@ smash

a song, film/movie or play that is very popular 十分走紅的歌曲(或電影、戲劇) countable

her latest chart smash 她的最新一首十分走紅的上榜歌曲

Variant: smash hit

v打碎 He smashed the radio to pieces. 他啪的一聲把收音機摔得稀巴爛。

@ To vanish off the radar

@ ill-fated注定要倒霉的;時運不濟的;(尤指)結局悲慘的 adjective written

an ill-fated expedition 注定不會成功的探險

@ To flop落下/ to be a complete failure 砸鍋;完全失敗 informal V

The play flopped on Broadway. 這齣戲在百老匯砸了鍋。

@surfing firm = a business or company 商行;商號;公司

@ To lobby (v)遊說(政治家或政府) ~ (sb) (for/against sth)

Women’s groups are lobbying to get more public money for children. 婦女組織在對政府進行遊說,要求增加對兒童的撥款。

A lobby group

@sewage /’suɪdʒ/(下水道的)污水,污物

a ban on the dumping of raw sewage(= that has not been treated with chemicals)at sea 禁止把未經處理的污水排入海中

sewage pipes/disposal 污水管道/處理

@ sprint短距離快速奔跑;衝刺/ sprinter 短跑選手

@ be hailed as讚揚(或稱頌)…為(尤用於報章等)

The conference was hailed as a great success. 會議被稱頌為一次巨大的成功。 VN

Teenager Matt Brown is being hailed a hero for saving a young child from drowning. 因救起一名溺水兒童,少年馬特 布朗被譽為英雄。

@ be stripped of 剝去 medal

to take away property or honours from somebody, as a punishment 剝奪;褫奪 VN ~ sb of sth

He was disgraced and stripped of his title. 他名譽掃地,被取消了頭銜。

@ banned drug

@ disgraceful = ignominious /ˈɪgnə’mɪnɪəs/ hat makes, or should make, you feel ashamed 恥辱的;可恥的;不光彩的

an ignominious defeat 可恥的失敗

@ glittering adj very impressive and successful 輝煌的;成功的

He has a glittering career ahead of him. 他前程似錦。

@ stardom 明星界

@ to cash in (on Sth) 從中牟利;撈到好處

The film studio is being accused of cashing in on the singer’s death. 那家電影製片廠受到指責,說他們利用這位歌手的死來賺錢。

@ make his debut by winning bronze in 2011

Gold, silver, bronze

@ to live with sb in a relatively impoverished state (very poor)

@ reduce使陷入(更壞的)境地;使淪落;使陷入窘境

They were reduced to begging in the streets. 他們淪落到沿街乞討。

@ to fail drug testing

@ humble/ humbleness

Modest/ modesty

@ to emerge出現,浮現,露出

@ thrust /θrʌst/ into the limelight (to force)  >< throat

@ courtesy of ….. /’kɝtəsɪ/作為…的結果

as the result of a particular thing or situation 作為…的結果

Viewers can see the stadium from the air, courtesy of a camera fastened to the plane. 由於飛機上安裝有攝像機,電視觀眾可從空中鳥瞰體育場。

@ confide /kən’fd/ ~ (sth) (to sb) (向某人)吐露(隱私、秘密等)

She confided all her secrets to her best friend. 她向她最要好的朋友傾吐了自己所有的秘密。


Nowadays girls seldom confide in their mothers. 現在的女孩很少對母親吐露心事。

Confidant  /’kɑnfɪˈdænt/ 知己

@ sexual encounter = Sexual intercourse

@ be impeached /ɪm’pitʃ/控告(顯要公職人員)犯重大罪行;彈劾

= accused = charged = indicted

@ To acquit sb宣判…無罪 ~ sb (of sth) VN

Be acquitted of no charges

The jury acquitted him of murder. 陪審團裁決他謀殺罪不成立。

Both defendants were acquitted. 兩名被告均獲宣判無罪。

@ to develop/ lose / have an enthusiasm for knitting

@ bodyguard /’bɑdɪˈgɑrd/ <> tour guide /ɡaɪd/ <> tourist guide

@ stints = a piece of time

@ deed poll單務契約

Deep 契約,證書

Poll 民意調查 carry out/conduct a poll

 Smith changed his name by deed poll to Jervis-Smith. 史密斯通過單邊契據將自己的名字更改為傑維斯 史密斯

@ chunky 結實的 bouncer

@ a jobbing actor/builder 臨時演員;打零工的建築工人

@ ageing star

ageing equipment 老化的設備

@ litigation /ˈlɪtə’geʃən/訴訟;打官司

litigation costs/procedures 訴訟費用╱程序

The company has been in litigation with its previous auditors for a full year. 那家公司與前任審計員已打了整整一年的官司。

@ to sue .. for

@ be well-adjustesd

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