24_Celebrity and scandal_I

# Put on weight 發福

# To comfort eat

# Retail therapy [ˈritelˈθɛrəpɪ] 購物治療 retire


@ I kicked the ball in his privates.(private parts) He was in agony.

Agony /extreme physical or mental pain (精神或肉體的)極度痛苦 noun uncountable countable

Jack collapsed in agony on the floor. 傑克十分痛苦地癱倒在地板上。

@ powder my nose =(婦女上廁所的委婉語)去化妝室,出去一下

@ to relieve himself

@ He starts effing and blinding at me.

To eff and blind

to use swear words 咒罵;詛咒 British English informal

There was a lot of effing and blinding going on. 咒罵聲沒完沒了。

@ pass away

@ eff off! 滾開

@ Sugar..S…hit, I’ve stepped in some dog dirt

# plump, overweight(adj) = fat

# slim, =thin

# balls, bullocks(公牛),nuts

# pee = piss = urinate

I need to pee. 我要撒尿

to go for a pee 去撒尿 British English

to have a pee 去小便

to take a pee 尿尿 American English


@be a golden boy of UK tennis, = great hope

@dog (v) be dogged by sb

He has been dogged by his knee pain for a couple of years.

He had been dogged by bad health all his life. 他一生多病,備受折磨。

@ he starred in B-movies(low-cost genre film) 演;擔任主角 V ~ (with/opposite sb) (in sth)

She starred opposite Jack Nicholson in As Good as it Gets. 她和傑克 尼科爾森搭檔在《盡善盡美》中飾演男女主角

@ wannabe model崇拜模仿者

@ go off the rails/ to be crazy

to start behaving in a strange or unacceptable manner, for example, drinking a lot or taking drugs 舉止怪異;行為出軌

He went off the rails in his first year at university

to lose control and stop functioning correctly 失去控制;無法正常運行 British English informal

The company has gone badly off the rails in recent years. 這家公司最近幾年已經陷於嚴重癱瘓。

@ to resurrect /ˈrɛzə‘rɛkt/重新應用;恢復使用;使復興

He has succeeded in resurrecting his career in television. 他成功地重新開始了他的電視生涯。

@ He vanished off the radar

@ trashy tabloids /’træʃɪ/ /’tæblɔɪd/無價值的小報/ tabloid television


@ flick (v) to move or hit something with a short sudden movement

Horses flick their tails to make flies go away.

He carefully flicked the loose hairs from the shoulders of his jacket.

(Noun) a quick look through the pages of a book, magazine, etc. 瀏覽;草草翻閱 singular a ~ through sth

I had a flick through the catalogue while I was waiting. 我等待時瀏覽了目錄。

@ I happen to …. 碰巧;恰好

She happened to be out when we called. 我們打電話時她剛巧不在家。

@ He is a complete nobody. (小人物)

She rose from being a nobody to become a superstar. 她從無名小輩一躍成為超級明星。

@ odd = strange

@ sucker /a person who cannot resist somebody/something or likes somebody/something very much 不由得對…入迷的人;酷愛…的人 ~ for sb/sth informal

I’ve always been a sucker for men with green eyes. 我一向對綠眼睛男人着迷。

Soppy /’sɑpɪ/一味情意纏綿的;感情過於豐富的;多愁善感的 especially British English adjective informal

soppy love songs 纏綿的情歌

She is soppy about cats. 她太疼愛貓了。

@ fall for = 迷戀

She fell for him at first sight. 她對他一見鐘情。

He really fell for the new girl in school. 他深深地被學校新來的女生吸引住了。

@sham /ʃæm/

The latest crime figures are a complete sham. 最新的犯罪統計數字完全是揑造的。

@ be in rehab (rehabitation)

@ appear to

@denominator /dɪ‘nɑməˈnetɚ/ 分母

common denominator (想法、態度或經驗的)共同點

lowest common denominator最小公分母ㄝ大眾化的東西;最平庸的人

@ Injunction /ɪn’dʒʌŋkʃən/ 強制令

The court granted an injunction against the defendants. 法庭對被告發出了禁制令。

@ eco-warrior /’wɔrɪɚ/ 鬥士, 生態騎士

@ stint / a period of time that you spend working somewhere or doing a particular activity 從事某項工作(或活動)的時間 ~ (as sth)

He did a stint abroad early in his career. 他早先在國外幹過一段時間。

a two-year stint in the Navy 在海軍服役兩年

I’ve done my stint in the kitchen for today. 今天廚房裏我的活兒幹完了。

To do stints as a bouncer  /’baunsɚ/ 保鑣

@ To endorse a bland of diet product (在廣告中)宣傳,吹噓(某一產品)

I wonder how many celebrities actually use the products they endorse. 我不知道究竟有多少名人真正使用他們在廣告中宣傳的產品。

@ To feel/be hard done by = feel unfairly treated 受到不公平待遇;感到委屈

She has every right to feel hard done byher parents have given her nothing. 她完全有權覺得委屈 她父母什麼都沒給她。

@ pursue a sideline career(副業) as

@ disgrace / 令人感到羞恥的人(或事) singular a ~ (to sb/sth)

Your homework is an absolute disgrace. 你做的作業太丟人了。

That sort of behaviour is a disgrace to the legal profession. 這種行為是法律界的恥辱。

The state of our roads is a national disgrace. 我們的道路狀況是國家的恥辱。

@ glamour model  [ˈglæmɚ] 魅力,魔力,迷人的力量, 性感女郎

@ be famous for being famous

@ one hit wonder驚奇

@ a fling with

a short sexual relationship with somebody 短暫的風流韻事 ~ (with sb) usually singular informal

We had a brief fling, but it’s over now. 我們有過一段短暫的戀情,但現在事情已過去了。

@ To tell sb kiss and tell

kiss and tell

a way of referring to somebody talking publicly, usually for money, about a past sexual relationship with somebody famous (通常為了獲利)泄露與名人的私情

kiss-and-tell   [ˈkisənˈtel] DJ   [ˈkɪsənˈtɛl] KKadjective


@ runner-up 第二名


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