22_Taboos and embarrassing situations III

# There was a military coup in Thailand

# He went to a vary elite school and it costs a lot.

# It is a little bit cliché to say it.

# He told a risqué joke and this girl looked mortified.

# He is quite base about speaking in public.

# It’s a big tourist resort. People flock there en masse very summer.

# I heard she got engaged. Have you met her finance.

# I am not au fait with these new computers.


@Don’t kowtow /ˈkau’tau/ to Sb. 叩頭;磕頭;卑躬屈膝;唯命是從

@ parasol女用陽傘

@ preacher /’pritʃɚ/傳道者

@ 9 o’clock watershed

@ Do you swear /swɛr/ on your own language?  

to use rude or offensive language, usually because you are angry 咒罵;詛咒;說髒話 V ~ (at sb/sth)

@ English swear word

@ jeepers, strewth /struːθ/, jesus, Golly, Cripes, for pete’s sake ,天啊

@ SCUBA –acronym

Self-contained underwater breathing apparatus


@Civilization /ˈsɪvələ’zeʃən/文明社會

@ A tired and tedious cliché.  疲憊和乏味的陳詞濫調

@ outrage憤怒

 She was filled with an overwhelming sense of outrage. 她義憤填膺。

 He was outraged at the way he had been treated. 他對所遭受的待遇感到非常憤怒。

@ noble tradition 高尚

@ liberally 大量地,公開地,開放地

To share liberally

@ sprinkle

She sprinkled sugar over the strawberries. 她在草莓上撒了點糖。

She sprinkled the strawberries with sugar. 她在草莓上撒了點糖。

@blasphemous word褻瀆

@devout 虔誠

a devout Christian/Muslim 虔誠的基督徒/穆斯林

@lose your grip (on something)

to become unable to understand or control a situation 失去(對…的)理解(或控制);駕馭不住

Sometimes I feel I’m losing my grip. 有時我感到自己無能為力。

@bodily adj

@ decency /’disṇsɪ/

Have you no sense of decency? 你禮貌都不懂嗎?

Her behaviour showed a total lack of common decency. 她的舉止顯示她連起碼的禮節都不懂。

@ doubtless adv

He would doubtless disapprove of what Kelly was doing. 他不會贊同凱利做的事。

@ to utter  /’ʌtɚ/ 出聲;說;講

She did not utter a word during lunch(= said nothing). 進午餐時,她一言未發。

@ to spark public outrage and a huge flood of complaints.

@ debase 降低…的價值

Sport is being debased by commercial sponsorship. 體育運動因受商業贊助而降低了聲譽。

@ euphemism

@ prompt =  促使;導致;激起

The discovery of the bomb prompted an increase in security. 此次發現炸彈促使當局加強了安全工作。 VN

His speech prompted an angry outburst from a man in the crowd. 他的講話激起了人群中一男子的憤怒。

@ Any trickle

@gratuitous /grə’tuətəs/ swearing 無緣無故

@lament  /lə’mɛnt/ 對…感到悲痛

In the poem he laments the destruction of the countryside. 在那首詩裏他對鄉村遭到的破壞流露出悲哀。 VN

@ dumb down 降低…的標準,減少…的專業性教育內容

The BBC denies that its broadcasting has been dumbed down. 英國廣播公司否認為了使廣播通俗易懂而降低水準。

@ shift

a change in position or direction 改變;轉移;轉換;變換 countable ~ (in sth)

a gradual shift in the population away from the countryside to the towns 人口從農村向城鎮的逐漸轉移

a dramatic shift in public opinion 公眾輿論的急劇變化

a shift of emphasis 重點的轉移


@I suppose so (not100%

I am supposed to meet small later(I can change my mind)

@ Swearing and violence is supposedly closely related.

@ There is a huge shift in attitude towards women

@ Racism is undoubtedly a biggest social problem.

@ Physical and learning disabilities are socially marginalized.

@ Sex and sexual images are used liberally (much) in advertising.

@ Radically [ˈrædɪkḷɪ]

Be radically different

@ Be embarrassed about bodily function.

@ I found sexist language deeply offensive無禮的


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