22_Taboos and embarrasing situations II

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#Would you give her one?


@I must have hit a raw nerve

@It’s a slip of tongue

@He gets the wrong end of the stick.

@ You are treading on thin ice.

@ I put my foot in it.

@ to commit any faux paus.

@ To felt absolutely mortified.

@ To give me an icy look = angry

@ the pecking order

@ an awkward slience

@ a major faux pas

@ this annoying habit

@ I innocently said

@ They started shifting uncomfortably in their seats

@ I was silently mouthing

@ They’re gradually coming to terms with it (=accept)

@ I’m slowly getting my head round it (=understand)

$ How were the in-laws?

your relatives by marriage, especially the parents of your husband or wife 姻親;(尤指)公婆,岳父母 noun plural informal

We’re visiting my in-laws on Sunday. 我們星期天要去拜訪我的姻親。

$ Getting on for 6 now. (時間、年紀、距離)接近,邁進,快到

She is getting on for fifty 她年近50

$That drives me nuts氣死人了, 使某人生氣,發瘋

$Infuriating /ɪn’fjurɪˈetɪŋ/ making you extremely angry 使人極為生氣(或憤怒)的 adjective

It is infuriating to talk to someone who just looks out of the window. 和眼睛只看着窗外的人講話很讓人窩火。

Infuriatingly, the shop had just closed. 真讓人生氣,商店剛剛關門。

To infuriate /make somebody extremely angry使極為生氣;使大怒;激怒

Her silence infuriated him even more. 她的沉默使他更加憤怒了。 VN

It infuriates me that she was not found guilty. 令我大怒的是她獲判無罪。

Be furious / very angry 狂怒的;暴怒的 ~ (with sb) ~ (at sth/sb)

She was absolutely furious at having been deceived. 她受了騙,怒不可遏。

$ receive[welcome, take] sb back to[into] the fold(志趣相同的人們;同一信仰的人們)


$ to get my head around the way the family works, what the pecking order is, the kind of thing.

$ spill the beans (tell me everything) 灑出,潑出,溢出

$ awful /very bad, awkward/embarrasing令人尷尬的;使人難堪的;

$ To match name to face

$ running soap opera

$ he got divorced and ran out/away with sb與某人私奔

She ran away with her boss. 她與老板私奔了。

She and her boss ran away together. 她和老板一起私奔了。

$ you poor thing你可憐的東西

$ like an eternity /a period of time that seems to be very long or to never end (似乎)無窮無盡的一段時間 singular informal

After what seemed like an eternity the nurse returned with the results of the test. 過了漫長的一段時間後護士才拿着檢驗結果回來。

$ sb couldn’t bear to hear that

$ a new bloke= man /He seemed like a nice bloke. 他看上去像個好人。

$ To snivel /to cry and complain in a way that people think is annoying

@ au fait with

It’s my first week here so I’m not completely au fait with the system. 這是我來這兒的第一週,所以不完全熟悉這個系統。

@ au pair“互裨”(女)生(住國外家庭,以勞動換取食宿並學習語言)

An au pair helps in the house and takes care of children and receives a small wage.

@ be blasé about sth玩厭了– Unimpressed or indifferent to something because one has experienced or seen it so often before


troops dressed in camouflage 穿迷彩服的軍隊

@ C’est la vie

That’s life; such is life /這就是人生, 生活就是如此

@chic  /ʃik/

very fashionable and elegant 時髦的;優雅的;雅致的 adjective

She is always so chic, so elegant. 她總是那麼時髦,那麼優雅。

a chic new restaurant 雅致的新餐館

@cliche / kliˈʃe/陳詞濫調

@ coup d’etat政變/ to stage/mount a coup 發動政變


@ déjà vu似曾相識的感覺/ A feeling of having already experienced the present situation

@ de rigueur /合乎禮節;按照習俗;按照時尚

Evening dress is de rigueur at the casino. 按照習俗在賭場要穿晚禮服。

@ double entendre(通常帶有猥褻含意的)雙關語

@ duvet / a duvet cover 羽絨被套

@ elite/ In these countries, only the elite can afford an education for their children. 在這些國家裏,只有上層人士才供得起子女上學。

@ en masse /ˈ~ɑ ‘mæs/

adverb from French

The young folk were emigrating en masse. 年輕人大批移居國外。

@ en route /on the way在途中;在路上 adverb ~ (from) (to)

We stopped for a picnic en route. 我們在途中停下來野餐。

The bus broke down en route from Boston to New York. 公共汽車在從波士頓到紐約的途中拋錨了。

@ fiancé/ fiancée

@ genre /’ʒɑnrə/ 風格

@ laissez faire自由放任(指政府對工商業的政策) A policy or attitude of letting things take their own course, without interfering

@ matinee/ an afternoon performance of a play, etc.; an afternoon showing of a film/movie (戲劇、電影的)午後場,日場 noun

@ nouveau riche /ˈnuvo ‘riʃ/暴發戶

@ risqué [rɪsˈke] 近乎淫猥的;有傷風化的

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