22_Taboos and embarrasing situations I

@ to make a big song and dance about Sth大驚小怪;小題大做;嘮叨個沒完

@ To throw into the scrap heap (n, 廢金屬堆)and left to rot

@ To build up quite a nice little nest egg.

@ To have the time of my life. 玩的非常快樂

@ to go to the dogs.

@ to go/fly out (of) the window

to stop existing; to disappear completely 化為烏有;消失殆盡 informal

  • As soon as the kids arrived, order went out of the window. 孩子們一到,一切就都亂了套。

@ within spitting distance (of something) very close 很近 British

= within shouting distance

@ To keep me young at heart讓我保持年輕的心

@ To be a burden to my children

@ They sold my down the river.

@ to live on a shortstring budget

@ to make my blood boil.

@taboo  /tə‘bu/(文化或宗教習俗方面的)禁忌,忌諱,戒律~ (against/on sth)

  • a taboo on working on a Sunday 禁止星期日工作的習俗
  • to break/violate a taboo 觸犯禁忌
  • Death is one of the great taboos in our culture. 在我們的文化中,死亡是一大忌。


@ to tread(,) on thin ice ( about talking situation)

@ be a bit of minefield(地雷區). A lot of potential trouble

@ To make some throw-away comment. 故意漫不經心地念出(臺詞)

@ No sooner had I said it than I regretted it.

@ be mortified = extreme embarrassed

@ be a faux pas /fo ‘pɑ/失態;失禮;失言

@ be de rigueur /də rɪ‘gɝ/ 合乎禮節;按照習俗;按照時尚

Evening dress is de rigueur at the casino. 按照習俗在賭場要穿晚禮服。

@ be blasé about the danger  /blɑ‘ze/ not impressed, excited or worried about something, because you have seen or experienced it many times before (對某事物)不稀罕,認為司空見慣 adjective ~ (about sth)

@ effing and blinding  a euphemism for fucking

Much effing and blinding could be heard from the fans when they discovered that their team had lost.

@ To take offence at  ……生氣

@ be blasphemous   [blæsfɪməs] 褻瀆的 offence

@ to dumb down sth/ sb 降低水準

The BBC denies that its broadcasting has been dumbed down. 英國廣播公司否認為了使廣播通俗易懂而降低水準。

@ to hit a raw nerve; raw擦傷的 hit/touch a (raw/sensitive) nerve

You touched a raw nerve when you mentioned his first wife. 你談起他的第一個妻子,這就觸到了他的痛處。

@ A slip of tongue; slip(差錯) a slip of the pen/tongue

a small mistake in something that you write or say 筆誤;口誤

@ to put my foot in it (my month) 表示說錯話後悔

@ A no-no =a taboo , faux pas; A thing that is not possible or acceptable

@ To steer clear of = avoid

@ to realize my zip had been open. I was absolutely mortified.

@ you have egg on your chin

It often implies that you have made a serious mistake, but more strictly it indicates that something you have done (or some turn of events) has left you looking embarrassed or foolish:

@ You’re flying at half mast. Mast=旗杆

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