22_Touth and experience III


Stroppy easily angry teenager

Puerile /’pjurəl/ = childish


Crawl /krɔl/  a pub crawl/ a visit to several pubs, going straight from one to the next, drinking at each of them

Over protective

In labor

To run circles around tb


To melt away from the ground




#Forthcoming 熱心

#it ties up all the loose ends

# to go on a blind date

# she is not my type.

# they are playing hard to get.

# work in a split shift.


No wonder she is slim and slender/ gangly and tall

No wonder she left him

@ desire /dɪ’zaɪr/  Burning desire強烈的慾望

a strong wish to have or do something 願望;慾望;渴望 countable uncountable ~ (for sth) ~ (to do sth)

I have no desire(= I do not want)to discuss the matter further. 我不想再談此事。

@ There is no point (in) trying to persuade him. He is a bit of bigot

There is no point(in) doing sth, 做什麼事情也毫無意義,POINT表示作用

@ There is no need to thank me. I was just doing my job.

@ It’s no good nagging him. 沒用 It goes in one ear and out in the othe.

@ There’s no excuse for swearing like that沒有理由

@ I have no intention of apologising for that / no way不打算

@ I have no recollection of seeing him

@ There’s no chance of them having a bady.

@ We have no choice but to adopt.

@ There’s no sign of things picking up

pick up

to get better, stronger, etc.; to improve 改善;好轉;增強


@ He is quite hard of hearing.

@ She wear a hearing aid /ed/.

@ He is getting on a bit. (grow old or older)

@ She stuck in her ways.

@ He is a bit of bigot. 頑固盲從者,偏執者 A person who is bigoted.

@ She can not get around without zimmer frame

@ He is a bit senile. Senile dementia

@ He is getting a bit doddery. [ˈdɑdərɪ] 衰老的;蹣跚的 unstable walk and get the shakes

@He is sprightly. especially of older people 尤指年長者 full of life and energy 精力充沛的

@ all things considered , phrase 從全面考慮, 從整體來看

All things considered , he is the right person for the job. 從各方面考慮,他做這工作最合適。

@ He got all his faculties. He is still sharp as he ever was. 敏捷的

the faculty of sight 視覺,

She retained her mental faculties(= the ability to think and understand)until the day she died. 她直到臨終那天一直保持着思維和理解能力。

@His eyes are not what they used to be.



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