22_Touth and experience II


# Fazed adj, to make you feel confused or shocked, so that you do not know what to do 使慌亂;使驚慌失措;

Consumers not fazed by DNA health results

# deprivation

# excruciating, excruciatingly uncomfortable 極不舒

devastating  extremely shocking to a person 令人震驚的;駭人的

the devastating news that her father was dead 她父親去世的驚人消息

#loopy, = get crazy

very angry 很生氣的;十分憤怒的 British English informal

He’ll go loopy when he sees that! 他見到那東西會氣壞的!

# take to

She took to tennis as if she’d been playing all her life. 她網球打得很好,好像一生都在從事這項運動似的。

to start liking somebody/something 開始喜歡;對…產生好感

I took to my new boss immediately. 我立刻對新老板產生了好感。

He hasn’t taken to his new school. 他對新學校還沒有產生興趣。



She was wrenched with ….



Strained relationship

@ To put it mildly,……說得婉轉

@ To run circles/rings around someone把……耍得團團轉

@ biscuit /’bɪskɪt/ a small flat dry cake for one person, usually sweet, and baked until crisp

@ Tellytubby, telly(a television set 電視機), tubby( Short and rather fat, 矮胖)

Teletubbies was a BBC children’s television series targeted at pre-school viewers

@ throw oneself in a tantrum

@ full-blown = complete extreme

1.充分發展的, 完善的

The fighting on the border may develop into a full-blown war. 邊境上的戰鬥有可能發展成全面戰爭。

2. 成熟的

a woman of full-blown charms 具有成熟女性魅力的女子

3. 【書】()盛開的

He came into my room to admire the full-blown narcissi. 他到我房間裡來觀賞盛開的水仙花。

@ scream/shout blue murder

1.     to show your anger about something, especially by shouting or complaining very loudly

He’ll scream blue murder if he doesn’t get his way.

2.      to scream loudly and for a long time, especially in order to protest about something 不停地叫嚷(尤指叫屈、鳴不平) British English

Variant: scream bloody murder American English

@To kick and punch

@To melt away = to disappear slowly

As the police sirens were heard, the crowd started to melt away.

@for Christ’s, God’s, goodness’, heaven’s, pity’s, etc. sake  看在上帝分上,天哪,行行好吧,千萬

@ a slap

@ prince, princess /’prɪnˈsɛs/

@ leave him be

@ yuck, , [](視覺)噁心

@ be nauseating  [ˈnɔsɪetɪŋ] 令人噁心的;使人厭惡的

@ To turn my mind to mush軟糊狀食物; 【美】玉米粥 = stupid  

@ It’s wicked 缺德的

@ be down with someone, 不跟你們玩了..我不跟你們同一掛的

@ fair enough

used to say that an idea or suggestion seems reasonable (指想法、建議)有道理,說得對,行 spoken especially British English

We’ll meet at 8. Fair enough. “我們在 8 點鐘見面。”“行。”

If you don’t want to come, fair enough, but let Bill know. 你要是不想來,可以,不過要讓比爾知道。

@ To take people at face value

@ To question authority, challenge assumptions

@ get detention

the punishment of being kept at school for a time after other students have gone home 放學後留校,留堂(處罰學生) uncountable countable

They can’t give me (a) detention for this. 他們不可能因為這事罰我課後留下來。

@ be grounded

describes an aircraft that is prevented from flying for some reason, or a ship that cannot move because it has hit solid ground

A child or young person who is grounded is not allowed to go out as a punishment

I smashed some stuff and now I’m grounded for a week

@ I know where you’re coming from? =what you think

@ that is no excuse to…

@ show a little more respect

@ how do you relate to people a lot younger or older than you?

@ What do you think is the best way to discipline children?

@ Question authority , 質疑權威

@ challenge assumption (A thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof)

@ naughty/頑皮的;淘氣的;不聽話的; slightly rude; connected with sex 粗俗的;下流的

@dodgy /seeming or likely to be dishonest 狡猾的;狡詐的;可疑的


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