22_Touth and experience I

@ When is the baby due?  In seven months times.


@ When did you find out you were pregnant?

@ Are you hoping for a boy or a girl?

@ When does your maternity leave start?

@ Was it planed?

@ Are you going to get married before or after you give birth?


@ awkward  /’ɔkwɚd/棘手

@ Start as they mean to go on (give 100% in things you do from the start)

@ I am in labor for 18 hrs

@ excruciating /ɪk’skruʃɪˈetɪŋ/

extremely painful 極痛苦的;極苦惱的 adjective

The pain in my back was excruciating. 我的背疼痛難忍。

She groaned at the memory, suffering all over again the excruciating embarrassment of those moments. 她在回憶中呻吟,又一次飽嚐那時所經歷的極度困窘。

@ To go straight for a caesarean /siˈzeəriən/

@ He is on a bottle çè He is breastfed

@ Wearing = exhausting that makes you feel very tired mentally or physically 令人精疲力竭的;使人疲倦的;令人厭煩的


@ Sleep deprivation 睡眠剝奪 /ˈdɛprɪ’veʃən/

urban/rural deprivation城市/農村貧困現象

@ a torture /’tɔrtʃɚ/(精神上或肉體上的)折磨

@ loopy /’lupɪ/ /very angry 很生氣的;十分憤怒的

@ lupine [ˈlupaɪn] 狼似的;兇殘的;貪婪的

@ childminder受雇照看孩子者(通常指在自己家中做此事的婦女)

@ clingy [ˈklɪŋɪ]

My mother said that I was a clingy child when I was young. 媽媽說我小的時候老愛纏著人。

@ to take to喜歡/開始從事

Mary took to her new teacher the first time they met. 瑪麗第一次見到新老師時就喜歡上她了。

He took to studying English 5 years ago. 他五年前開始學英語。

@ to wrench, or a wrench / to make somebody feel great pain or unhappiness

Her words wrenched at my heart. 她的話使得我心如刀絞。 V

a wrenching experience 苦難的經歷

Leaving home was a terrible wrench for me. 對我來說離開家是件十分痛苦的事。


@ angst-ridden teenager充滿煩惱的少年

ridden   /ˈrɪdn/ DJ   /’rɪdṇ/ KK

full of a particular unpleasant thing 充滿(某種不良事物)的;滿是…的 adjective

a disease-ridden slum 疾病流行的貧民窟

a class-ridden society 等級森嚴的社會

She was guilt-ridden at the way she had treated him. 她為過去那樣對待他而深感內疚。

She was ridden with guilt. 她深感歉疚。

-ridden   [ˈridn] DJ   [ˈrɪdṇ] KK



@ authoritarian /əˈθɔrə’tɛrɪən/ adj + n

an authoritarian regime/government/state 獨裁政體/政府/國家

Father was a strict authoritarian. 父親是個嚴厲的專制主義者。

@ brat /bræt/  a person, especially a child, who behaves badly

a spoiled/spoilt brat 被寵壞了的頑皮孩子

@ chubby cheek child

@ clingy [ˈklɪŋɪ]


My mother said that I was a clingy child when I was young. 媽媽說我小的時候老愛纏著人。

@ wild  /lacking discipline or control 缺乏管教的;無法無天的;放蕩的

The boy is wild and completely out of control. 這男孩缺乏管教,簡直是無法無天。

He had a wild look in his eyes. 他的眼神很不安分。

@ got in with sb to become friendly with somebody, especially in order to gain an advantage (尤指為撈取好處與某人)成為朋友,拉關係,套近乎

@ soft /kind and sympathetic; easily affected by other people’s suffering 有同情心的;仁厚的;心腸軟的

Julia’s soft heart was touched by his grief. 朱莉婭心腸軟,見他悲傷動了惻隱之心。

@ make a fuss大驚小怪, 不斷抱怨

@ give in to sb屈服 讓步

The authorities have shown no signs of giving in to the kidnappers’ demands. 當局對綁架者的要求沒有絲毫讓步的跡象。

@ handful n /a person or an animal that is difficult to control 難以控制的人(或動物) a ~ singular informal

Her children can be a real handful. 她的孩子們有時很難管教。

@ bags of []許多

@ wear you out

@ tantrum +s  /ˈtæntrəm/ DJ   /’tæntrəm/ KK

a sudden short period of angry, unreasonable behaviour, especially in a child (尤指兒童)耍脾氣,使性子 noun

to have/throw a tantrum 發脾氣

@ patronising [ˌpætrəˈnaɪzɪŋ]

showing that you feel better, or more intelligent than somebody else 自認為高人一等的;擺派頭的


@ shoot up / to grow very quickly 迅速長高

@ thin and gangly

@ stroppy /ˈstrɑːpi/

of a person easily annoyed and difficult to deal with 動輒生氣的;性情暴躁的;易怒難處的 adjective British English informal

Don’t get stroppy with meit isn’t my fault! 別衝我生氣 這不是我的錯!

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