Travel and tourism III


Go with the flow




Flashing/What flashed you when you thought you were a goner?



To fleece

A wild goose chase


of an event or the weather 事情或天氣 very unusual and unexpected 不正常的;怪異的 only before noun

a freak accident/storm/occurrence 反常的事故/暴風雨/事變

freak weather conditions 反常的天氣狀況


Ravenous =extremely starving

Faze /fez/ to make you feel confused or shocked

He looked as if nothing could faze him. 他顯得鎮靜自若,遇事不驚。


Pull over

Have a gut feeling about


Would not

1.      Imaginary situation: You would not be saying it if you knew it.

2.      Refusal to do: sth or sb

I.            My car wound not start, so I was late.

II.          She would not stop crying.

3.      In reported speech間接引語/ thoughts

I.            He promises that he would do

4.      Creating distance; be more tentative or uncertain

I.            I would not want to get into a flight with him


@ Talk sb out of it勸說某人不要做某事

@ I wouldn’t budge

@ He wouldn’t let it lie/ to take no action about something

Instead of going to the police they let things lie for a couple of months.

@ B n’ B = bed and breakfast 

@ Jade mountain

@ Altitude sickness

@ Coral reef

@ Dumbbell/ barbell

@ to prune /prun/  trees

@ far-flung; a long distance away 遙遠的

expeditions to the far-flung corners of the world 去世界偏遠地方的探險

@ To potter [ˋpɑtɚ] about ….


@ strenuous / needing great effort and energy 費力的;繁重的;艱苦的

nothing strenuous

@ to mom [mo] the lawn [lɔn] and do pruning.

@ open-air = outdoor

@ odd = occasional

@ stately home / a large, impressive house of historical interest, especially one that the public may visit (尤指供人參觀的)豪華古宅

@ foreseeable (adj) that you can predict will happen; that can be foreseen 可預料的;可預見的;可預知的

foreseeable risks/consequences 可預料的危險/後果

@ queen /kju/

We had to queue up for an hour for the tickets. 我們只得排一個小時的隊買票。

@ souvenir /ˈsuvə’nɪr/ seller

@ local tap water

@ To whinge /wɪndʒ/

to complain in an annoying way 絮絮叨叨地抱怨 verb V British English informal disapproving ~ (about sb/sth)

She’s always whingeing about how unfair everything is. 她總是嘟囔着說一切都太不公平了。

@ chorus /’kɔrəs/

@ Sulky /’sʌlkɪ/

silent or bad-tempered because you are angry about something 面有慍色的;生悶氣的 adjective disapproving

Sarah had looked sulky all morning. 薩拉一上午都不高興地板着臉。

a sulky child 悶悶不樂的孩子

@ To wind up/ to deliberately say or do something in order to annoy somebody 惹…的氣;戲弄 British English informal

Calm down! Can’t you see he’s only winding you up? 別激動!難道你看不出他只是在氣你嗎?

That can’t be true! You’re winding me up. 那不會是真的!你在故意氣我。

@ a blazing row /rau/ 嚴重分歧 吵得一塌糊塗

@ rant and rave大聲叫嚷 about

@ be better off (doing something) 較高興,較滿意

@ to splash out大肆揮霍

He splashed out hundreds of pounds on designer clothes. 他花了幾百英鎊買名牌服裝。

@ decent restaurant/ of a good enough standard or quality 像樣的;相當不錯的;尚好的

@ in a daze /dez/

in a confused state 迷茫;茫然;恍惚

I’ve been in a complete daze since hearing the news. 自從聽到那消息,我一直茫然不知所措。

@ Requisite adj

necessary for a particular purpose 必需的;必備的;必不可少的 only before noun formal

She lacks the requisite experience for the job. 她缺少做這份工作所必需的經驗。

@ genuine /’dʒɛnjuɪn/

real; exactly what it appears to be; not artificial 真的;名副其實的

Is the painting a genuine Picasso? 這幅畫是畢加索的真跡嗎?

@ rundown建築物或地方 破敗的;失修的

@ feat /fit/

an action or piece of work that needs skill, strength or courage 技藝;武藝;功績;業績;英勇事跡 noun approving

The tunnel is a brilliant feat of engineering. 這條隧道是工程方面的光輝業績。

to perform/attempt/achieve astonishing feats 表演驚人的技藝;爭取/取得驚人的功績

That was no mean feat(= it was difficult to do). 那是偉大的成就。

@ to jostle /’dʒɑsḷ/ to push roughly against somebody in a crowd (在人群中)擠,推,撞,搡 verb

The visiting president was jostled by angry demonstrators. 到訪的總統受到憤怒的示威者的推搡。 VN

People were jostling, arguing and complaining. 人們推推搡搡,爭吵着抱怨着。 V

@ tout/ to try to persuade people to buy your goods or services, especially by going to them and asking them directly 兜售;招徠 ~ (for sth) especially British English

the problem of unlicensed taxi drivers touting for business at airports 沒有執照的出租汽車司機在機場攬生意的問題 V

He’s busy touting his client’s latest book around London’s literary agents. 他正忙於向倫敦各文學作品代理人兜售他的委託人的一部新書。

@ to hassle /’hæsḷ/

to annoy somebody or cause them trouble, especially by asking them to do something many times (不斷)煩擾,麻煩 informal VN

Don’t keep hassling me! I’ll do it later. 別老煩我!我稍後會做的。


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