Travel and tourism II


1.      Relevance, have relevance to

Her idea has less relevance to the modern world.

2.      Adduction

The psychotic patient always said he was only one witness to alien abduction.

3.      Prevalent

Leaning Chinese is prevalent all over the world.

4.      Coherent

Her coherent explanation made everyone understand easily.

5.      Discredit

All the results discredit his political statement.

6.      Census

The government needs to do/carry out a census every 10 years.

7.      To blow sth out of proportion小題大作 To overreact to or overstate

It’s ridiculous – we have a tiny disagreement and you blow the whole thing out of proportion.

8.      Verge

Her was on the verge of tear.

He is verging on genius.

9.      To rub sb up the wrong way

His unfriendly statement rub all listener the wrong way.



@Goner /ˈgɑː.nɚ/垂死的人;快完蛋的人

I thought I was a goner when I saw a car healing towards me.


@Mercy/ 1. 寬恕 a kind or forgiving attitude/ 2.

to ask/beg/plead for mercy 請求╱乞求╱祈求寬恕

at the mercy of somebody/something  任由…擺佈

I am really at my boss’ mercy.


@posh / elegant and expensive優雅豪華

The furniture is so posh that nobody can afford it.

@ heap of junk(凌亂的)一堆

Heaps of(很多) time = a lot of time

John always leaves a heap of books on the ground.

@ go with the flow隨遇而安

He always keeps a good mood and goes with the flow.

@ fill up

To fill up the gas tank with unleaded petrol.

@ be a bag of nerves = very nervous

@ fleece

@ go to pieces, fall to pieces

The building went to pieces after the earthquake.


put an animal, a bird, etc. out of its misery


put somebody out of their misery





@Cabby = cabbie

He was the only cabby around

@ be at one’s mercy

We were at the mercy of the weather. 我們拿天氣毫無辦法。

@ nod  /nɑd/

He nodded like he knew.

if you nod,nod your head or your head nods,

@ To hop in/on

【口】(輕快地)()(或船等) Q

    I saw him hop on a bus. 我看見他跳上公車。

@ To fleece   /flis/ tourists

@ To take the scenic route   /’sinɪk/ 風景路線

@ To put it mildly說得委婉些;說得好聽一點

used to show that what you are talking about is much more extreme, etc. than your words suggest 說得委婉些;說得好聽一點 spoken

The result was unfortunate, to put it mildly(= it was extremely unfortunate). 說得好聽一點,結果是不幸的。

@ monument   /’mɑnjəmənt/ 紀念館

@ wiped out = so exhausted

@ to do the math

@ to make the most of ….something/somebody/yourself   / enjoy ….

to gain as much advantage, enjoyment, etc. as you can from somebody/something 充分利用;盡情享受

@ awful; It’s awful, isn’t it? 糟糕透了,不是嗎?

@  botch   /bɒtʃ/ DJ   /bɑːtʃ/ DJ US   /bɑtʃ/ KK USverb

to spoil something by doing it badly 笨拙地弄糟(某事物) VN ~ sth (up) informal

He completely botched up the interview. 他面試表現得糟透了。

The work they did on the house was a botched job. 他們整修房子做得一塌糊塗。

@ to throw 使心煩意亂

@ my concentration goes to pieces.

@ to top it all最糟糕的是;最倒霉的是

@ to faze   /fez/= to disturb

to make you feel confused or shocked, so that you do not know what to do 使慌亂;使驚慌失措;使困窘 verb VN often passive informal

he wasn’t fazed by his comments. 她並沒有因他的話而驚慌失措。

He looked as if nothing could faze him. 他顯得鎮靜自若,遇事不驚。

@ to veer off   + to /onto  /vɪr/

especially of a vehicle 尤指車輛等 to change direction suddenly 突然變向;猛然轉向 VVN + adv./prep.

The bus veered onto the wrong side of the road. 公共汽車突然駛入了逆行道。

It is still not clear why the missile veered off course. 導彈偏離軌道的原因仍不清楚。

@ To beep  /bip/  the horns at us

@ To dodge move quickly

He ran across the road, dodging the traffic. 他躲開來往的車輛跑過馬路。

He dodged his military service. 他弄虛作假逃避了服兵役。 VN

She tried to dodge paying her taxes. 她想方設法逃稅。


@ be ravenous extremely hungery

What’s for lunch? I’m absolutely ravenous. 午飯吃什麼?我餓死了。

@ sat nav, Satellite navigator衛星導航

@ desperately,  [ˈdɛspərɪtlɪ] 不顧一切地,拼命地

The man in the river desperately tried to reach the side. 那個落水的人拼命想游到河岸邊。

@ he put me out of my misery

@palaver  a lot of unnecessary activity, excitement or trouble, especially caused by something that is unimportant 麻煩;瑣事;忙亂 uncountable singular British English informal

What’s all the palaver about? 這些雞毛蒜皮的事到底是為什麼?

What a palaver it is, trying to get a new visa! 申請新簽證真煩死人了!




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