Travel and tourism I

@a hubcap  /’hʌbˈkæp/ 

A metal or plastic cover for the hub of a motor vehicle’s wheel

The hubcap fell off.


@ a tire = tyre /taɪr/ 輪胎 

a front tyre 前胎/ a back/rear tyre 後胎

a flat/burst/punctured tyre 癟了的/爆了的/扎了的輪胎


@ in the hood/trunk ; bonnet/’bɑnət//boot; 前車蓋/後車蓋


@ to clip = to hit the edge or side of something 碰撞(某物的邊緣或側面); 夾住

The car clipped the kerb as it turned. 汽車轉彎時撞上了馬路牙子。

@ to stall = to stop suddenly because of a lack of a power of speed

I stalled the car three times during my driving test. 我考駕照時車子熄了三次火。

@ to have a gut feeling something is up = 直覺

@ to budge /bʌdʒ/ ; to move slightly

She pushed at the door but it wouldn’t budge. 她推了推門,門卻一動不動。

Budge up a bit! 閃開點!

@ to shatter sth/ to destroy sth completely, especially feelings, hopes or beliefs 

Anna’s self-confidence had been completely shattered. 安娜的自信心徹底崩潰了。 VN

Her experience of divorce shattered her illusions about love. 她的離婚經歷使她對愛情的幻想破滅了。

@ To drag sth/ sb = pull .. with effect

@ to sulk /sʌlk/ 生悶氣, in a sulk

Jo was in a sulk upstairs.

@ slap-up豐盛高檔的

We have a slap up meal.

@ a wild goose chase

a search for something that is impossible for you to find or that does not exist, that makes you waste a lot of time 徒勞的尋找;白費力氣的追逐

@ Up to a (certain) point; to some extent; to some degree but not completely 在某種程度上

I agree with you up to a point. 我在某種程度上同意你的看法。

@ be xenophobe [ˈzɛnəˌfob] 懼生; 仇視(或畏懼)外國人(或外國事物)

@ out of ignorance 出於無知

@ out of habit 出於習慣

@ To fleece /flis/

to take a lot of money from somebody by charging them too much 敲詐;敲竹杠 VN informal

Some local shops have been fleecing tourists. 有些當地商店一直在敲旅遊者的竹杠。

@ misery /’mɪzərɪ/ great suffering of the mind or body, very poor living conditions

Put sb out of ones misery.

to stop somebody worrying by telling them something that they are anxious to know (告知情況以)消除某人的憂慮 informal

Put me out of my miserydid I pass or didn’t I? 別再讓我着急了 我及不及格?

@different kinds of cars

Automatic/ manual

An estate /ə’stet/ car客貨兩用小汽車


A hatchback艙蓋式汽車


A limo /’lɪmo/ limousine / ˈlɪmə’zin/大型高級轎車 stretch limo 超長豪華轎車


A convertible 可轉換的 /kən’vɝtəbḷ/ 活動頂篷式汽車


a 4×4

a sport car

a camper van


A folding bike

A moped  /’mopɛd/ 機器腳踏車


A saloon car 小轎車;(三廂式)四門轎車 a car with four doors and a boot


@ Money is no object. 錢不成問題



Windscreen wiper

Wing mirror

Rear mirror





Number plate



Gear stick

Steering wheel


hand brake





@ dip the headlights 把(汽車前燈)的遠光調為近光

@ To knock my wing mirror off

@ To shatter my windscreen

@ To reverse into a parking space

@ It’s bucketing down, (pouring)

@ to pull over向路邊停靠




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