20 Belief(3)


@ To help centre heople

@ There is no coherent system of belief.

@ Strange phenomenon: Crop circles, alien abduction誘拐,綁架;劫持.

@ A hoax /hoks/ an act intended to make somebody believe something that is not true, especially something unpleasant 騙局;惡作劇

a bomb hoax 炸彈恐嚇

hoax calls 惡作劇的電話

@ A census /’sɛnsəs/ / the process of officially counting something, especially a country’s population, and recording various facts (官方的)統計;人口普查;人口調查 noun

Irregular: censuses plural


@ Jedi/ Taoism /’tauˈɪzəm/

@ Crop circles are made by aliens

@ rise /raɪz/

@ To reveal /rɪ’vil/

@ To inflate by a circulation of chain mail / to fill something or become filled with gas or air 使充氣;膨脹

Inflate your life jacket by pulling sharply on the cord. 猛拽繩扣使你的救生衣充氣

The life jacket failed to inflate. 救生衣未能充氣。 V

@ To uncover = to show

to discover something that was previously hidden or secret 發現;揭露;揭發 VN

Police have uncovered a plot to kidnap the President’s son. 警方已偵破一起綁架總統之子的陰謀。

@ To dedicate /’dɛdəˈket/ to /to hold an official ceremony to say that a church or other building, or an object has a special purpose or is special to the memory of a particular person 為(教堂)舉行奉獻典禮;為(建築物等)舉行落成儀式 ~ sth (to sb/sth) VN

@ Scripture= Bible

Hindu scriptures 印度教經文


@ a strip of celluloid(舊時攝影的)膠片, /’sɛljəˈlɔɪd/

@ merit /’mɛrɪt/優點;美德;價值

@ Karl Marx : religion /rɪ’lɪdʒən/ is the opium鴉片of the masses

@ pick ‘n’ mix belief system拼合的,選裝的 people pick and choose aspects of different religions and custom.

@ Be not far off = almost correct 幾乎正確

Your guess wasn’t far out at all. 你猜得幾乎一點不錯。

@ A mixture of ancient and pagan /’pegən/  myths

@ adopt /ə’dɑpt/

@ A religious /rɪ’lɪdʒəs/ funeral /’fjunərəl/

@ Christmas carol /ˈkærəl/聖誕節頌歌

@ To dabble in/with meditation, Buddhism and environmental belief

@ To verge on something / to be very close to an extreme state or condition

Some of his suggestions verged on the outrageous. 他的一些建議都快到了荒唐的地步。

a dislike verging on contempt 近乎鄙視的不喜歡

@ on/to the verge of something/of doing something

very near to the moment when somebody does something or something happens 瀕於;接近於;行將

He was on the verge of tears. 他差點兒哭了出來。

They are on the verge of signing a new contract for a further two years’ work. 他們即將簽訂兩年繼續工作的新合同。

These events left her on the verge of having a nervous breakdown. 這些事件使得她的精神瀕於崩潰。

@ mumbo jumbo西非黑人崇拜的鬼神

@ ironic /aɪ’rɑnɪk/ showing that you really mean the opposite of what you are saying; expressing 反語的;諷刺的

See also: irony

an ironic comment/smile 嘲諷的言語╱微笑

@ To spawn /spɔn/ / to cause something to develop or be produced 引發;引起;導致;造成 VN often disapproving

The band’s album spawned a string of hit singles. 這支樂隊的專輯繁衍出一連串走紅的單曲唱片。

@ churchgoing

@ in part  partly; to some extent 部份地;在某種程度上

@ tenuous /’tɛnjuəs/

so weak or uncertain that it hardly exists 脆弱的;微弱的;縹緲的

a tenuous hold on life 命若游絲

@ swear by somebody/something

to name somebody/something to show that you are making a serious promise 以…名義發誓;對…發誓

I swear by almighty God that I will tell the truth. 我向全能的上帝起誓,我以下所說句句屬實。

to be certain that something is good or useful 極信賴;對…推崇備至

She swears by meditation as a way of relieving stress. 她深信冥想有助於緩解壓力。

@ Vitamin supplement /’sʌpləmənt/添加物 ~ (to sth)

@ To stave off


They staved off a wolf last night. 昨晚他們趕走了一隻狼。


@ To visit homeopath/ a person who treats illness using homeopathic methods 順勢療法醫生


@ horoscope reading  /’hɔrəˈskop/占星術

@ to be discredited /

to make people stop believing that something is true; to make something appear unlikely to be true 使不相信;使懷疑;使不可置信 VN

These theories are now largely discredited among linguists. 這些理論現已大多受到語言學家的質疑。


@ bereft /bə’rɛft/ adjective not before noun

of a person sad and lonely because you have lost something 感到失落 not before noun formal

Be bereft of sth

He was utterly bereft when his wife died. 他的妻子去世時,他十分凄涼。

@ bereave /bə’riv/

The ceremony was an ordeal for those who had been recently bereaved. 這個儀式對於那些新近喪失親友的人來說是一種折磨。

To feel bereft and lost

@ cult

a system of religious beliefs and practices 宗教信仰;宗教習俗 formal

the Chinese cult of ancestor worship 中國人供奉祖先的習俗

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