Muslim 伊斯蘭教徒/ Islamism(Islam) 伊斯蘭教

Catholic天主教徒/ Catholicism 天主教

Christian 基督徒/ Christianity基督教

Judaist猶太教徒/ Judaism猶太教

Buddhist [ˈbʊdɪst] 佛教徒/ Buddhism佛教

Hindus印度教徒/ Hinduism印度教

Taoist道教徒/ Taoism道教


@My folks(家屬;(尤指)爹媽) are very devout.

of a person believing strongly in a particular religion and obeying its laws and practices 篤信宗教的;虔誠的 adjective

a devout Christian/Muslim 虔誠的基督徒/穆斯林


@I’m fasting.

to eat little or no food for a period of time, especially for religious reasons 禁食;(尤指)齋戒 V

Muslims fast during Ramadan. 伊斯蘭教徒在齋月期間齋戒。


@I’m a lapsed Catholic. 喪失信仰的天主教徒

Derivative: lapsed adjective, only before noun

a lapsed subscription 失效的認購

lapsed faith 背棄的信仰

a lapsed Catholic 喪失信仰的天主教徒

to stop believing in or practising your religion 背棄,放棄(宗教信仰)~ (from sth) V

He lapsed from Judaism when he was a student. 他當學生時就放棄了猶太教


@I attend church regularly

@He converted to Judaism

(使)轉變,轉換,轉化 ~ (sth) (from sth) (into/to sth)

What rate will I get if I convert my dollars into euros? 如果我把美元兌換成歐元,匯率是多少?

to change or make somebody change their religion or beliefs (使)改變(宗教或信仰);(使)皈依,歸附 ~ (sb) (from sth) (to sth)

He converted from Christianity to Islam. 他由基督教改信伊斯蘭教。 V

She was soon converted to the socialist cause. 她不久便轉而獻身於社會主義事業了。


@I go for the hymns. [ˈhɪm] 讚美詩,聖歌

@They don’t moralise about how I should live my life.

to tell other people what is right and wrong especially in order to emphasize that your opinions are correct 進行道德說教 verb V usually disapproving

He’s always moralizing about young people today. 他總是就“今天的年輕人”進行說教。

@To command us to give to charity. 致力於 order forcely

@To judge things on their merits. a good feature that deserves praise, reward or admiration 值得讚揚(或獎勵、欽佩)的特點;功績;長處 countable usually plural

@ A secular society

 not connected with spiritual or religious matters 現世的;世俗的;非宗教的

secular art/education/music 世俗藝術╱教育╱音樂

@ be a bit sceptical /’skɛptɪkḷ/ about / variant: skeptical American English

having doubts that a claim or statement is true or that something will happen

~ (about/of sth)

I am sceptical about his chances of winning. 我懷疑他取勝的可能性。

The public remain sceptical of these claims. 公眾對這些說法仍持懷疑態度。

She looked highly sceptical. 她一臉深表懷疑的神色。


@be evangelical about /ˈivæn’dʒɛlɪkḷ/

wanting very much to persuade people to accept your views and opinions 熱中於傳播自己觀點的

He delivered his speech with evangelical fervour. 他發表演說時熱烈鼓吹自己的思想。


@May the force be with you. 願原力與你同在

Used to wish someone luck with a difficult endeavor努力,嘗試


@ I don’t believe in reincarnation. /ˈriɪnkɑr’neʃən/轉世化身

He thinks he’s the reincarnation of Attila the Hun. 他認為他是匈奴王阿提拉的化身


@ It draws on pagan mythology. /mɪ’θɑlədʒɪ/神話

Pagan /’pegən/異教徒, a pagan festival/religion 異教節日/信仰


@be dabbled in Buddhism. 涉獵,淺嘗;涉足 (+at/in)

to take a slight and not very serious interest in a subject, or try a particular activity for a short period

He first dabbled in politics when he was at law school.

She dabbled with drugs at university.

dabble in politics 涉足政治

dabble in art 涉獵藝術

@ be discredited


a discredited government/policy 名聲掃地的政府;失去信譽的政策


These theories are now largely discredited among linguists. 這些理論現已大多受到語言學家的質疑。


@ It’s verging on genius.

verge on something

to be very close to an extreme state or condition 極接近;瀕於

Some of his suggestions verged on the outrageous. 他的一些建議都快到了荒唐的地步。


@ To centre me

to be or make somebody/something become the person or thing around which most activity, etc. takes place 把…當作中心;(使)成為中心


@the winter solstice /’sɑlstɪs/至(點)

the summer/winter solstice 夏至;冬至


@ To live with the consequences.

To live with something = to accept something unpleasant 忍受,容忍(不快的事)


@ A misguided belief. /ˈmɪs’gaɪdɪd/

wrong because you have understood or judged a situation badly (因理解或判斷失誤)搞錯的 adjective

The new proposals are, in our opinion, totally misguided. 我們認為新的建議完全是錯誤的。

She only did it in a misguided attempt to help. 她是要幫忙,只是想法不對頭。




the sum of somebody’s good and bad actions in one of their lives, believed to decide their fate in the next


@ I swear by it.

to name somebody/something to show that you are making a serious promise 以…名義發誓;對…發誓

I swear by almighty God that I will tell the truth. 我向全能的上帝起誓,我以下所說句句屬實。

to be certain that something is good or useful 極信賴;對…推崇備至

She swears by meditation as a way of relieving stress. 她深信冥想有助於緩解壓力。


@ be blown up out of the proportion

to make something seem more important, better, worse, etc. than it really is 誇大;誇張

The whole affair was blown up out of all proportion. 整個事件被渲染得太過了。


@ Are you religious? /rɪ’lɪdʒəs/

of a person believing strongly in the existence of a god or gods 篤信宗教的;虔誠的

See also: devout Synonym

His wife is very religious. 她的妻子非常虔誠。


@I was brought up as a catholic.

@ go to Mass

(especially in the Roman Catholic Church) a ceremony held in memory of the last meal that Christ had with his disciples (尤指羅馬天主教的)彌撒 uncountable countable

to go to/hear Mass 參加彌撒

@ To practice your religion

to do something regularly as part of your normal behaviour 經常做;養成…的習慣 VN

to practise self-restraint/safe sex 培養自制力;實行安全性行為

Do you still practise your religion? 你還奉行你的宗教信仰嗎?

@ To go to confession

@ priest /prist/

@ I believe there must be something out there.

@ I am agnostic.

a person who is not sure whether or not God exists or who believes that we cannot know whether God exists or not 不可知論者

@ I am atheist  /’eθɪɪst/ person who believes that God does not exist 無神論者

@ not at all = not in the slightest一點也不;毫不;根本沒有


@ To meditate

to think deeply, usually in silence, especially for religious reasons or in order to make your mind calm 冥想;沉思 V ~ (on/upon sth)

@What religion are you?

@ go to mosque /a building in which Muslims worship 清真寺


@ Sb got Sb’s confirmation. (Christianity)

@ Give up chocolate for Lent(大齋期,四旬期(從聖灰日至復活節前的 40 天))

@ a halal butcher(= one who sells halal meat) 售賣伊斯蘭教合法畜肉的肉商

@ To wear a full veil, not a headscarf. (女用)方頭巾

@ Sb had Sb’s circumcision ceremony

@ A synagogue/ a building where Jews meet for religious worship and teaching 猶太會堂;猶太教堂 

@ The meat is kosher./ of food 食物 prepared according to the rules of Jewish law 合禮的(合乎猶太教教規及禮儀要求的)


@To wear a bindi. (印度女性)額前的人工痣

@ Shrine聖祠where we burn incense and leave offerings. 祭品

@ indigenous tribes…

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