Sports and fitness(2)

What major sporting events has your country hosted?
Do you follow any local sports team?
Do you ever watch any of your national team or athlete competing?
Can you think of any recent news that’s been greeted with …..

@ Greet / to react to somebody/something in a particular way (以某種方式)對…作出反應 usually passive ~ sb/sth (with/as sth) VN
The changes were greeted with suspicion. 這些變革受到人們的懷疑。
The team’s win was greeted as a major triumph. 這個隊獲勝被看成是一個重大的勝利。
Loud cheers greeted the news. 這消息受到熱烈歡呼。

@@Cynicism [ˈsɪnɪsɪzəm] believing that people are only interested in themselves and are not sincere
@@Widespread joy
The plan received widespread support throughout the country. 這項計劃得到了全國的普遍支持。
@@Universal outrage /’autˈredʒ/ really anger
a strong feeling of shock and anger 憤怒;義憤;憤慨 uncountable
The judge’s remarks caused public outrage. 裁判的話引起了公憤。
@@astonishment /very great surprise
To my utter astonishment, she remembered my name. 她竟記得我的名字,使我萬分驚訝。

Sport context
Run-up 助跑
@In the run-up to 預備階段
@To run neck to neck不分上下
@Horses for courses, you need to choose the right people for particular activity.
@When you throw in the towel
@To save by the bell.
@Out of one’s depth
Swim against the tide/ refuse to do like other/ what everyone else is doing.

@subsidize /’sʌbsəˈdaɪz/ Support (an organization or activity) financially
The housing projects are subsidized by the government. 這些住房項目得到政府的補貼。
@ have a level playing field to compete on
@ to get ones sights set on becoming a nurse.
turnout  出席人數
a 60% turnout of voters 60% 的投票率
This year’s festival attracted a record turnout. 今年的節日吸引的參加者之多創了紀錄。

@ be par for the course
to be just what you would expect to happen or expect somebody to do in a particular situation不出所料;果不其然 disapproving
  • Starting early and working long hours is par for the course in this job. 開工早,工時長,是擔任這件工作的家常便飯。

@ To pull any punches
@ The ball is in their court
it is your/somebody’s responsibility to take action next (球已經丟給你了)下一步就看你的了

  • They’ve offered me the job, so the ball’s in my court now. 他們已答應把那份工作給我,下一步就看我怎麼辦了。

I met every single sales target the boss set me
@ To move the goalpost
one of the two vertical posts that form part of a goal 球門柱

to change the rules for something, or conditions under which it is done, so that the situation becomes more difficult for somebody 改變規則,改變條件(使某人為難)


@ be below the belt = unfair

Put Sth up
to raise or increase something 提高;增加

  • They’ve put up the rent by £20 a month. 他們把每月的租金提高了 20 英鎊。

@To put my head above water
@To touch base with =
to make contact with somebody again 再次聯繫   

There is no point (in) Ving  做什麼事情也毫無意義,POINT表示作用
@rise to the bait(上鉤)

He’s all talk and no action 光說不行動

#To lack self-belief
#You look gorgeous! 你真漂亮
# the weak link (in the chain)

  • the point at which a system or an organization is most likely to fail 薄弱環節

She went straight for the one weak link in the chain of his argument. 她逕直攻擊他的辯論中的一個薄弱環節。
A nasty player 極差的 weak player

too many off days, out of schedule

be on sth(drug)

up and coming player
up-and-coming young actors 前程似錦的年輕演員

he is just past it. (too old)

fulfill their potential   符合

to go off the rails

To rejuvenate his carrer

a gutsy player
showing courage and determination 勇敢的;有膽量的;有決心的;堅毅的

  • a gutsy fighter/win 勇敢的戰士;用堅強的毅力取得的勝利

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