The jury acquitted him of murder.
lodge an appeal 提出上訴/ file an appeal 提出上訴
an appeals court/judge

I had my leg broken last week.
= My leg was broken last week.

Culprit罪犯 /’kʌlprɪt/
in relation to在與……有關的情況下, ~ because

I got my car towed away.
It was down by the park.
They’ve imposed new parking restrictions and I had not realized.
To get it released form the pound. 違章停車車輛扣留
keep/stay/steer clear (of somebody/something)

mug = rob
to beat up
He hospitalized for about a week.
To keep an eye open/out (for somebody/something)
To Keep an eye out for any trouble. 密切注意

Sb got done for reckless driving/ drink-driving/ speeding/tax evasion.
He got a fine of NT500. a NT500 fine.
Sb is imprisoned
Reckon/ to think something or have an opinion about something 想;認為 informal
I reckon (that) I’m going to get that job.
Sb get off = no punishment
get off/be let off lightly受輕罰;獲從輕發落

knock down擊倒
be left paralysed
go through two red lights
It’s disgraceful. 不光彩的;可恥的;丟臉的

1. She is soft with her son. She left him get away from murder. = spoil
2. It’s murder Ving… It’s murder finding parking space at this moment.
It’s murder finishing all the duty before tonight.
3. to murder her = very angry
I could’ve murdered her when I found out she’d lost the front door key.
4. It is murder=very busy.
It is murder in the shop today.
5.murder Sth = to drink/eat
I could murder a cup of tea. I haven’t had one all the day.
6.It’s a daylight robbery.
7. I couldn’t believe we lost. Honestly, we were robbed. (feel very bad)
8. It’s a criminal waste.

International sports breeds an unhealthy kind of nationalism.
ultimate fighting.

servile obedience
gladiator /’glædɪˈetɚ/
(in ancient Rome) a man trained to fight other men or animals in order to entertain the public(古羅馬)角鬥士

the feudal system 封建制度

deindividuation 去個性化

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