You are suspected of having committed a crime.

You need to be arrested 逮捕;拘留 and detained 扣押in police custody /’kʌstədɪ/.


To charge Sb with murder/assault, an official claim /klem/ made

指控;控告;起訴 ~ sb (with sth/with doing sth)

He was charged with murder. 他被指控犯有謀殺罪

= He was accused of murder.

= He was prosecuted for murder

~ He was convicted of murder. 她被判犯有謀殺罪

To sue Sb for damages/$10 million


to plead guilty/not guilty 認罪;不認罪 /plid/

to release sb on (£2000) bail. 允許保釋(某人)

bail V,UN

He was bailed to appear in court on 15 March. 他獲得保釋,定於 3 15 日到庭候審。

he judge granted/refused bail. 法官准予╱不准保釋。


magistrate地方執法官 /’mædʒɪsˈtret/


decide the verdict /a decision that is made by a jury in a court of law(陪審團的)裁定

The jury returned a verdict(= gave a verdict)of guilty/not guilty. 陪審團作出了有罪╱無罪的裁決。


prosecution /ˈprɑsɪ‘kjuʃən/ 起訴/ defence

prosecute / to officially charge somebody with a crime in a court of law ~ sb (for sth/doing sth)

The company was prosecuted for breaching the Health and Safety Act. 這家公司被控違反《衞生安全條例》。


If you’re found innocent, you’re then released.

If you’re convicted of the crime, the judge will pass sentence.


證明有罪;有罪,判決 H (+of)T

The judge convicted him of robbery. 法官判他犯有搶劫罪。

She was convicted of murder. 她被判犯有謀殺罪。


The judge passed sentence (= said what the punishment would be). 法官宣佈了判決。

lenient /’linɪənt/懲罰或執法時)寬大的 ßà strict

The judge was far too lenient with him. 法官對他太寬容了。

a lenient sentence/fine 從寬的判刑罰款

Mitigating 減輕(Make less severe, serious, or painful) circumstance

Mitigate /’mɪˈget/ (to make something less harmful, serious)

Soil erosion was mitigated by the planting of trees. 植樹造林減輕了土壤侵蝕。


Death penalty was abolished in 1965.


sweeping reforms/changes 全面改革;徹底變化


detention /police powers of arrest and detention 警方的逮捕和拘留權


be highly controversial


Libel – written

slander- spoken


He claimed he had been libelled in an article the magazine had published. 他聲稱他遭到了那家雜誌發表的一篇文章的誹謗。

He angrily accused the investigators of slandering both him and his family. 他氣憤地指責調查者詆毀他和他的家人。

a libel action(= a case in a court of law) 誹謗訴訟



armed robbery

cause GBH(grievous bodily harm) 嚴重人體傷害(罪)

grievous   /ˈɡriːvəs/ DJ   /’grivəs/ KK

     very serious and often causing great pain or suffering 極嚴重的;使人痛苦的;令人傷心的

disorderly conduct


extort/extortion/ extortionist


forgery 偽造罪; 贗品 /’fɔrdʒərɪ/n  = fake n/adj/v


Experts are dismissing claims that the painting is a forgery. 專家排除了這幅畫是贗品的說法。


fraud 欺詐罪

She was charged with credit card fraud. 她被控告信用卡欺騙罪。

property that has been obtained by fraud 欺詐所得的財產

a $100 million fraud 1 億元數額的詐騙



He looked at me with intense hatred. 他滿懷敵意地看着我   with hatred

racial hatred(= between people from different races) 種族仇恨

She felt nothing but hatred for her attacker. 她對攻擊她的人只有恨。

a profound hatred of war 對戰爭的深惡痛

hatred for/ of ……


handling stolen property 處理贓物


indecent assault 猥褻(罪)

assault 侵犯他人身體(罪) , attack

indecent 過分暴露


reck+ (with) sth/sb

reckless driving




manslaughter  過失殺人




in the dock


The ship was in dock. 船泊在船塢

He’s been in the dock(= on trial for a crime)several times already. 他已受審多次。被告席 countable



take sb.’s life 殺死

who take their own lives


heavy metal outfit/ 團隊

This was the fourth album by the top rock outfit. 這是這個頂級搖滾樂隊的第四張唱片專輯。


Allege  /ə’lɛdʒ/ 指控

It is alleged that he mistreated the prisoners. 據稱他虐待犯人


Glorify /’glɔˈfaɪ/吹捧;吹噓;

He denies that the movie glorifies violence. 他否認這部影片美化暴力。


Subliminal massage



to make somebody decide to do something; to cause something to happen 促使;導致;激起

The discovery of the bomb prompted an increase in security. 此次發現炸彈促使當局加強了安全工作。


suicide pact(集體)自殺

turbulent home lives

a long-standing history of drug abuse.

a long-standing relationship 長期的關係





land sb in court


stone-cold sober滴酒未沾;完全清醒


internet service provider

nuclear physicist /’fɪzəsɪst/


eminent, an eminent architect 著名的建築師


sue sued;   sued;

告;對…提起訴訟 ~ (sb) (for sth)

to sue somebody for damages/$10 million(= in order to get money from somebody) 將某人訴至法院要求賠償╱要求賠償 1/f000 萬元


libelous material


be potentially damaging his professional reputation


an assault on freedom of speech



He was jilted by his fiancée. 他被未婚妻拋棄了。

a jilted bride/lover 被拋棄的新娘/情人



noun 翻騰;騷動 U


cruelty /’kruəltɪ/ behaviour that causes pain or suffering to others, especially deliberately (to sb/sth)

cruelty to animals 對動物的虐待

The deliberate cruelty of his words cut her like a knife. 他故意說的殘酷無情的話對她像刀割一樣。



Trousers  /’trauzɚz/ pants British English usually

a pair of grey trousers 一條灰褲子

He dropped his trousers. 他脫了褲子。

I was still in short trousers我那時還在穿着短褲呢(仍然是個男孩)。



In shreds/ torn in many places 破破爛爛的

The document was in shreds on the floor. 那份文件在地上,已經破爛不堪。


Sock /a pair of socks 一雙短襪



Later it died of internal bleeding.


indigenous   /ɪnˈdɪdʒənəs/ DJ   /ɪn’dɪdʒənəs/ KK


the indigenous peoples/languages of the area 該地區的本地人╱語言

The kangaroo is indigenous to Australia. 袋鼠原產於澳大利亞。


Dispute ~ (between A and B) ~ (over/about sth)

Land dispute

a dispute between the two countries about the border 兩國間的邊界爭端

the latest dispute over fishing rights 最近關於捕魚權的爭端

industrial/pay disputes 勞資/工資糾紛


Violation  [ˌvaɪəˈleʃən]

侵犯;妨害 U C

Violation of the right of free speech 對言論自由權侵犯



Be native to

The tiger is native to India. 這種虎產於印度。


Destitute adjective

without money, food and the other things necessary for life 貧困的;貧窮的;赤貧的

When he died, his family was left completely destitute. 他死時家裏一貧如洗。


Agri-culture /’ægrɪˈkʌltʃɚ/ /農業;農學;農藝

the Ministry of Agriculture, Farming and Fisheries (英國)漁農部



tribal art/peoples/leaders 部落藝術;諸部落的人;部落首領



as been dubbed ‘Muscles from Brussels’.


Grant /(尤指正式地或法律上)同意,准予,允許 often passive ~ sth (to sb/sth) ~ (sb) sth

My request was granted. 我的請求得到批准

I was granted permission to visit the palace. 我獲准參觀宮殿。 VNN

She was granted a divorce. 她獲准離婚


He was granted bail.


Crucial (extremely important)  information/ cruelty /’kruəltɪ/


Extradition  引渡


tracing operation追查行動


911 paranoia /ˈpærə’nɔɪə/妄想症


Voyeur /vɔɪ‘jɝ/ 刺探隱秘者


Portray將…描寫成;給人以某種印象;表現 ~ sb/sth (as sb/sth) VN

Throughout the trial, he portrayed himself as the victim. 在審訊過程中,他始終把自己說成是受害者。



Her words stunned me

She was too stunned to speak. 她驚愕得說不出話來。


Negligence /’nɛglədʒəns/

The doctor was sued for medical negligence. 這位醫生因為引致醫療事故而被起訴。

The accident was caused by negligence.

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