Be thrifty


To burden him with chores家務負擔

To burden sb with heavy taxes



She had been nagging him to paint the fence. 她一直嘮叨,要他把圍欄油漆一下


To regain one’s freedom[health]


timber yard木材堆置場


to chop/cut sth off


to stick/put his arm in a plastic bag

sew /so/ se sewd sewd/sewn


His arm is sewn back again.

To play/throw darts

A couple of weeks later


Be astound to/ to surprise or shock somebody very much 使震驚;使大驚


blame    /blem/

Do blame yourself.


To suffocate sb

Sb suffocate

Sb be suffocated

Mny dogs have suffocated in hot cars. 許多狗在熱烘烘的汽車裏給悶死了。 V

The couple were suffocated by fumes from a faulty gas fire. 由於劣質煤氣取暖器漏氣,這對夫婦窒息而死。 VN

He put the pillow over her face and suffocated her. 他用枕頭捂住她的臉,把她憋死了。


Chink /tʃɪŋk/  =Chinky中國佬


To get on and hobble on and sit just opposite me


Horrible cough


a set of false teeth


drop onto the floor /flɔr/

pick up


wipe /waɪp/擦;拭;抹


political correctness

the principle of avoiding language and behaviour that may offend particular groups of people 政治上正確(言行避免有歧視之嫌)



The government was accused /ə’kjuz/ of incompetence. 政府被指責無能。


To offend /ə’fɛnd/

practices that discriminate against women and in favour of men 重男輕女的做法


ageist [ˈedʒɪst] 年齡歧視者()  jokes

homophobic討厭、害怕同性戀的 jokes

racist jokes

Anti-Semitic jokes反猶太

Islamophobic jokse伊斯蘭恐懼症



It was a knee-jerk reaction on her part. 這是她未加思索做出的反應。


Ms. [mɪz] KK女士(用於婚姻狀況不明或不願提及婚姻狀況之女性的姓或姓名之前)

Miss [mɪs] =little girl (用于姓名或姓之前, 尤指對未婚女子的稱呼) 女士, 小姐


identity politics 認同政治


have become increasingly heat over the last few years


overt  /o’vɝt/明顯的 overtly political activities 公開的政治活動

covert /’kʌvɚt/秘密的covert operations/surveillance 暗中活動╱監視


medical/legal/professional etiquette /’ɛtɪˈkɛt/ 醫學界的/法律界的/行業規矩

cell phone etiquette

linguistic etiquette

Blatantly / too obviously


Derogatory /dɪ‘rɑˈtɔrɪ/

derogatory remarks/comments 貶斥的言辭/評論

belittle /bɪˈlɪtl/  She felt her husband constantly belittled her achievements. 她覺得她的丈夫時常貶低她的成就。

deride /dɪˈraɪd/ often passive ~ sb/sth (as sth) His views were derided as old-fashioned. 他的觀點被當作舊思想受到嘲弄。

appall We were appalled by the news of the war. 聽到戰爭的消息我們大為震驚。

critique  寫評論;對…發表評論;評 Her job involves critiquing designs by fashion students. 她的工作包括評判時裝專業學生的設計

affront /əˈfrʌnt/ to insult or offend somebody 侮辱;冒犯  His speech was an affront to many in the local community. 他的講話冒犯了當地社區的許多人。

brigade /brɪˈɡeɪd/ the anti-smoking brigade 反吸煙派 PC brigade

straitjacket 約束衣,緊身衣

fabric /ˈfæbrɪk/ a trend which threatens the very fabric of society 威脅社會基本結構的趨勢

notwithstanding 雖然;儘管 = in spite of


full of something bad or unpleasant 充斥,充滿(壞事) ~ (with sth) not before noun

  • Los Angeles is rife with gossip about the stars’ private lives. 洛杉磯盛傳明星私生活的流言蜚語。

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