Got a +

1)      infectious laugh

2)      dry sense of humor (sarcastic and deadpan)

3)      sick sense of humor (blood humor, tactless joke)

4)      irreverent sense of humor(reverent / showing great respect and admiration 非常尊敬的;深表崇敬的)

take the mickey (out of somebody) = take the piss

to make somebody look or feel silly by copying the way they talk, behave, etc. or by making them believe something that is not true, often in a way that is not intended to be unkind (通過模仿某人或使其信以為真)取笑,戲弄

5)      self-deprecated sense of humor自我貶低的

6)       annoying laugh

She cackle


I burst my sides laughing

= to have someone in stitches.

= I almost wet myself.


The hilarious /extremely funny/ story.

To have tears rolling down my face.

Giggle 格格地笑 in the front row

Desperately 【口】極度地 to keep a straight face 板著面孔


crack up informal

to become ill, either physically or mentally, because of pressure (因壓力造成身體或精神)垮掉,崩潰

You’ll crack up if you carry on working like this. 你再這樣幹下去,身體會垮掉的。

to start laughing a lot 開始大笑起來

He walked in and everyone just cracked up. 他一進來,人人都捧腹大笑起來。

Phrasal: crack somebody up informal

to make somebody laugh a lot 使大笑起來


Sb gets a stutter 口吃

Snigger at

What are you sniggering at? 你偷偷笑什麼呢? V

Chuckle  /ˈtʃʌkl/ to laugh quietly 低聲輕笑;輕聲地笑 verb ~ (at/about sth)

Chuckle to yourself.


laughing stock of the class(笑柄)


farce /fɑrs/ 鬧劇


They all had a laugh at my expense. 某人受損害的情況下


To have me in hysterics 歇斯底里


All situation is a bit funny (X) stange


Sitcom (situation comedy)


Spoof 滑稽模仿 / a humorous copy of a film/movie, television programme,


Political/social satire   /ˈsætaɪə(r)/ 政治╱社會諷刺作品


Slapstick / the type of humour that is based on simple actions, for example people hitting each other, falling down, etc. 打鬧劇;粗俗滑稽劇


Puerile  /ˈpjʊrəl/ 愚蠢的;幼稚的;孩子氣的 Childishly silly and trivial

Lavatorial/ lavatorial humour refers in a rude way to parts of the body, going to the toilet, etc. 粗俗的幽默


Off-the-wall = stange = quirk


a corny joke/song 老掉牙的笑話╱歌曲


laugh-out-loud joke


turn up late


to laugh sh off = try to make it funny, but it is not.


Fume, [fjum] 發怒;怒氣衝衝地說話 (+at/over)


tell me about it 就是嘛你算說對了;的確


set somebody off (doing something)

to make somebody start doing something such as laughing, crying or talking 使某人笑(或哭、說等)起來


snort/ a loud sound that you make by breathing air out noisily through your nose


let something out

to give a cry, etc. 發出(叫聲等)


filth 下流言辭


porridge oatmeal


stop smiling, It is really irritating

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