Unit_5 dealing with problems and question

Mobile phone..

if an alarm, etc.goes off, it makes a sudden loud noise (警報器等)突然發出巨響


The microphone doesn’t work.

awkward /ˈɔːkwəd/ DJ /-wərd/ DJ US /’ɔkwɚd/ KK US


making you feel embarrassed 令人尷尬的;使人難堪的

  • Don’t ask awkward questions. 不要問棘手的問題。
  • You’ve put me in an awkward position. 你使得我狼狽不堪。


0Delegate /’dɛləgət/代表;會議代表

he conference was attended by delegates from 56 countries. 此次會議有來自 56 個國家的代表出席。

Rumor [ˈrumɚ]

It is rumored that she has committed suicide. 據傳聞,她已自殺身亡。

tactless /ˈtæktləs/ DJ /’tæktləs/ KK

saying or doing things that are likely to annoy or to upset other people 言行不得體的;得罪人的;不圓通的;沒策略的 adjective

It was tactless of you to comment on his hair!


Settling the dispute required great tact and diplomacy. 解決這個爭端需要十分老練和嫻熟的外交手腕。


Could you speak up a bit, please? I didn’t catch what you said.

I’ll come to that very shortly,..

Would you mind leaving the questions until I’ve finished, please?

bear with somebody/something

1. to be patient with somebody/something 耐心對待;容忍

    • She’s under a lot of strain. Just bear with her. 她承受着很大的壓力。對她要有耐心。
    • If you will bear with me(= be patient and listen to me)a little longer, I’ll answer your question. 你如果能耐心點聽我把話說完,我會回答你的問題的。

Please accept my apologies for the delay

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