Unit 3_Organizing what you want to say


to arrange something that is confused or in the wrong order in a clear, correct way 整理;清理;使條理化 VN


there is a full set of handout on each seat

Please could you pass around these copies? There should be enough for everyone.

Could you please switch off/dim the lights.

 if a light dims or if you dim it, it becomes or you make it less bright 

this presentation is about renewing the lease on the offices.

Please feel free to ask questions at any time.

Please interrupt me at any times

I would be grateful if all the questions are left until end.

I’m on a fixed-term/ permanent contract with …..約聘/正職

Line manager部門經理– directly in charge

Appraisal /ə’prezḷ/    staff/performance appraisal

self-appraisal 自我評估(或評價)

All staffs will be appraised by their line manager once a year.

Write a summary of the discussion.


range   /reɪndʒ/ DJ   /rendʒ/ KK


a variety of things of a particular type 一系列 countable usually singular ~ (of sth)

The hotel offers a wide range of facilities and services. 酒店提供一系列設施和服務。

I’ll start/begin by outlining the problem/focusing on

I am going to spend about 10minutes talking about employment condition.


Sick leave, annual leave.


As I mention earlier, ….

As I have just said

I’ll return to that…

I ‘d just like to look again at


I will speak about…..

Let’s go on to….

Moving now on to…

This brings/leads me to my next point…


My presentation will last about ten minutes.

Please feel free to interrupt me at any stage/time.

Secondly, all staffs will be entitled to 20 days’ leave.


Merger /’mɝdʒɚ/

a merger between the two banks 兩家銀行的合併

our proposed merger with the university 我們與這所大學提議中的合併

hostile merger 惡意合併;惡意併吞

本篇發表於 ST。將永久鏈結加入書籤。



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