Unit 2_using equipment

Tug of war : in tug of war, win tug of war

Car- trailer

short out; Why does my furnace/ac transformer short out when I turn on my AC….


circuit board電路板

Tomb-sweeping Day清明節

Children’s Day 兒童節

take a vote 進行表決

have a vote進行選舉

vote on 表決

vote ~ (for/against sb/sth) ~ (on sth)

Wedding album

Orphanage /’ɔrfənɪdʒ//orphan /ˈɔːrfn/

it’s awful; very shocking 駭人聽聞的;可怕的

Flipchart 活動掛圖 flipchart paper 活動掛圖紙


Overhead projector and transparencies

Graph (偏數學)/ chart/ pie charts

Point to the part you are referring to.

Visual 覺資料(指說明性的圖片、影片等)

He used striking visuals to get his point across. 他用醒目的視覺資料解釋他的觀點。

Image can sat more than words

Don’t turn your back on the audience when you read visuals.

word for word逐字地

Don’t read visuals out word for word.

a word-for-word translation 逐字的翻譯

expand ; to add details to what you are saying 細談;詳述;詳細闡明

expand on/upon something

ould you expand on that point, please? 請你把這一點詳細說明一下好嗎?


bullet point點句重要項目

make sure your handwriting is legible. 清晰可讀的

For all visuals, keep the layout clear.

I want to introduce you to my job in animation.

I want to tell you about what we produce.

State-of-the-art = cutting edge (cuttingedge research)

Outlay 開銷 An amount of money spent on something

本篇發表於 ST。將永久鏈結加入書籤。



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