Presenting 1



1.      Give sb the go-ahead

2.      Donate

3.      Euthanasia

4.      False hopes

5.      Suicide

6.      Miscarriage

7.      Clone

8.      Bone

9.      Disabled

10.  Terminal

11.  Bone marrow

12.  Minefield

13.  Contradict

14.  A slippery slope




Stick to your guns

Lose her title


Good evening, everyone. Let me introduce myself. My name is Paul. I’m here today to tell you about the state-of-the-art imaging scanners, in particular, MRI.  


Thank you for inviting me(us) to speak to you.

I’m here today to …(with sb)

We’re going to …

I am going to….

….., in particular, …..

Timetable 時間表for each of the stages.

Hi there.

come along; to arrive; to appear 到達;抵達;出現

As you’ve probably already heard….

Sb’ off today. I ‘ve been asked to ….

Shift system


to implement changes/decisions/policies/reforms 實行變革;執行決議政策;實施改革


summit 峰會

let me start by introducing myself.


hand over to

They handed the weapons over to the police. 他們把武器交給了警方

It’s nice to see so many familiar faces.

I’d like to say a few words(幾句話) about

put forward 提出

He put forward a very good suggestion at the meeting. 他在會上提出了一個很好的建議。

To outline + sth to 

We outlined our proposals to the committee. 我們向委員會提綱挈領地講了講我們的提案


Barbarian 野蠻人

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