Giving a presentation


Get the wrong end of the stick

Repetitive  /rɪ‘pɛtətɪv/

To stretch yourself

To have another string to your bow.


the hard outer surface of bread 麵包皮 countable uncountable

sandwiches with the crusts cut off 切掉麵包皮的三明治

mole鼴鼠, a small dark brown mark on the skin

devastated  /’dɛvəˈstetɪd/

Guinea pig

Ominous惡兆的 , omen   /ˈəʊmən/徵兆

That sounds ominous.

A blessing of disguise因禍得福喬裝的祝福 She disguised herself as a boy. 她女扮男裝。

Come out of the blue爆出大冷門




Irregular: misheard;   misheard   /-ˈhɜːd/ 

You may have misheard her─I’m sure she didn’t mean that. 你可能聽錯她的話了 我肯定她不是這個意思。


Cope +(with sth)  manage

He wasn’t able to cope with the stresses and strains of the job. 對付這項工作的緊張與壓力,他無能為力。

To be hooked on sth

To stop cold



Giving a presentation


know your topic

know your audience

ask professionals for advice

what facility will you have>


      How much time do you have?

Write a drift

      Record yourself

      Practice with yourself


      The reaction of the audience

Be flexible

Use visual aids.


In front of an audience

Make a mess of it  弄糟

Ironically  [aɪˈrɑnɪklɪ] 說反話地


interesting, strange or funny because of being very different from what you would usually expect

[+ that] It is ironic that although many items are now cheaper to make, fewer people can afford to buy them.

showing that you really mean the opposite of what you are saying

an ironic comment/reply

Building confidence through preparation and practice is really important.


tutorial  /tu’tɔrɪəl/ in ~

a certain format to follow up

a logical connection bwteen…

to take question as you proceed

to invite discussion at the end

Give an outline of the structure of talk

Gain the audience’s attention

Anecdote  /’ænɪkˈdot/ 佚事;趣聞

amusing anecdotes about his brief career as an actor 關於他短暫演員生涯的趣聞佚事

rhetorical question  /rɪ‘tɔrɪkḷ/ 修辭性疑問句;不需回答的反詰句

-Do you think I’m stupid?

Contradictory statement

Look it over carefully from the viewpoint of your intended audience


planned or designed for somebody/something 打算(或設計)的 ~ for sb/sth ~ as sth~ to be/do sth only before noun

  • The book is intended for children. 這本書是為兒童寫的。

  • The notes are intended as an introduction to the course. 這些筆記的目的是作為對這門課程的介紹。

try out sth for …

tummy   /ˈtʌmi/ DJ   /’tʌmɪ/ KK

1.        the stomach or the area around the stomach 胃;肚子 noun informal

§         Mum, my tummy hurts. 媽媽,我肚子痛。

§         to have (a) tummy ache 肚子痛

§         a tummy bug/upset(= an illness when you feel sick or vomit) 反胃

make a conscious effect 刻意

of actions, feelings, etc. 行為、感情等 deliberate or controlled 慎重的;有意的;刻意的

  • to make a conscious decision 作出慎重的決定

  • I made a conscious effort to get there on time. 我刻意約束自己準時到達那裏。

  • a conscious act of cruelty 有意而為的殘暴行徑

Make eye contact with people in a friendly way

A large hallßà A small room

To fiddle with one’s spectacles.

Keep your hands out of your pockets and away from you face.

Podium = lectern

Well- rewarding job, satisfying job

Blue-collar job, white-collar job

Care assistants, hairdressers, plumbers, chefs, florists, kawyers, teachers, estate agents, civil servants

@As can be seen from the chart, …

@As can be seen from a closer inspection of the chart, …

@As revealed by these charts,…

@As showed in this charts, ….

A serious loss of morale  /məˈrɑːl/

@As is often the case with survey,…

@As you can see,…

There seems be an inverse relationship between A and B.

The limited number of responders means the results should be treated with caution.

Moral 士氣

Morality 道德

Mortality 死亡率

Interpret 解釋 to explain the meaning of something 詮釋;說明

Indicate= establish 證實

Show = suggest

call in question……表示懷疑 undermine

depict = clarify描述

have an influence on/ distort使失真

validate : to prove that something is true 證實;確認;確證

= go some way towards supporting…

To haven not fully taken sth into consideration= fail to take ….

Demonstrate = an act of giving proof or evidence for something suggest a need for

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