16_Health and mediceine(3)


An experimental artist/be hooked on/recommend/plump(adj)/ to have/suffer a relapse/practitioner/hit the roof(extremely angry)/

in ancient times


Chiropractor /ˈkaɪərəʊpræktə(r)/ 手療法醫師;脊骨神經科醫

Aura /ˈɔːrə/ She always has an aura of confidence. 她總是滿有信心的樣子。Arena

Essential oil精油 = Essence

Masseuse /mæ’sɝz/ a woman whose job is giving people massage 女按摩師

Masseur /mæ’sɝ/ a person whose job is giving people massage男按摩師


Electrolysis /ɪˈlɛk’trɑləsɪs/ 電解(除毛)術(美容方法)

Pluck /plʌk/ eyebrow

Fake tan/ Use a fake tan to make yourself look less pale.

A sedentary lifestyle長期伏案工作的生活方式

Comfort eating

Tossing and turning輾轉難眠 another sleepless night

Nothing acts faster than Anadin (pain relief)

Anabolic steroids合成類固醇

Creatine [ˈkriəˌtɪn] 肌酸

Put much pressure on myself

a cure-all 萬靈丹

a placebo effect

A devout Buddhist /dɪˈvaʊt/, a devout Christian/Muslim 虔誠的基督徒/穆斯林


Riot, Intervene, Gripping, sequel, cremate, resort, steam, dent, source, spawling, open-mike, squirm, Off- the- wall

a riot broke out.

Intervene + in The President intervened personally in the crisis. 總統親自出面處理這場危機

Gripping, a gripping drama/story

He wanted to be cremated /krimet/.火化

resort   /rɪˈzɔːt/

steam,  fry, bake, roast,

open-mike, This microphone is open-mike. open-mike night 


The children were squirming restlessly in their seats. 孩子們在位子上心神不定地動來動去

十分尷尬;羞愧難當;無地自容 V

It made him squirm to think how badly he’d messed up the interview. 一想到他把面試搞得有多糟,他就覺得無地自容。

Off- the- wall adj異乎尋常的;非凡的

their off-the-wall friends 他們瘋狂的朋友

off-the-wall creativity 異乎尋常的(非凡的)創造力

left field an opinion or a position that is strange or unusual and a long way from the normal position 離奇古怪的看法(或意見);怪誕的態度(或立場) American English informal singular

The governor is way out/over in left field. 州長的看法怪得出了格。

Think outside the box =lateral thinking


You’ve met martin before, haven’t you? 

—up = question, 50%

—down = 確定>80-90%

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