16_health and medicine(2)

Vocabulary test

Organ/plastic surgery/chronic/menopause/obese/AIDS/insomnia/chemotherapy/asthma/stress/pararalysed/

If I get the new job, I will get enough money.

Theoretical/practical test

I can make an educated guess.

He’s like to accuse (charge) 控訴the man of assaulting him.

countersuit 反訴

cousin. /ˈkʌzn/

Hell bath no fury like a woman scorned.

scorn  /skɔːn/ 輕蔑

fury 大發雷霆

She was absolutely furious at having been deceived.

Personal clash



UKEAS (UK edu. advisory service)

IDP international developmental program

Hoax /hoʊks/ a bomb hoax 炸彈恐嚇; hoax calls 惡作劇的電話


Mad cow disease, avian/swine flu= bird/pig flu


Intravenous drug users

Withdrawal symptoms

Gay people/ lesbian


Strong tranquillizer [ˈtræŋkwilaizə]



Guinea pig


Practitioner(尤指醫學或法律界的)從業人員of pharmacy/radiology


Get the wrong end of the stick

Be cautious about too much optimism. optimism /ˈɒptɪmɪzəm/

What’s your line (=field) of work?

Repetitive/rɪ’pɛtətɪv/ and predictable

Stretch myself= challenge myself

I set up on my own 2 year ago.

Complimentary/ aromatherapy芳香療法/shiatsu /ʃiətsu/指壓(=acupressure)/

Chill out= relax【口】供人休息的;讓人放鬆的

A string to my bow.

Mole got red and itchy, had that strange kind of crust

I went in just for a routine check-up.

come out of the blue爆出冷門

I’m devastated. =extremely upset

a blessing in disguise  /dɪs’gaɪz/ something that seems to be a problem at first, but that has good results in the end 因禍得福;禍中有福

go into remission/ have a relapse

keep one’s finger crossed 祝……好運


You are on the plump side. 豐腴的;微胖的

the other day不久前某一天 recently


fuss around [美口]瞎忙一氣;忙得團團轉

get off別碰

be hooked on …be addicted.

Stop cold=immediately

Stop progressively.


cold turkey

the unpleasant state that drug addicts experience when they suddenly stop taking a drug; a way of treating drug addicts that makes them experience this state (吸毒成癮者)突然戒毒時的痛苦;(治療吸毒成癮者的)突然戒毒方法 noun uncountable

Derivative: cold turkey adverb

I quit smoking cold turkey. 我用突然戒煙法戒了煙。

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