0221_ A Different Approach to Choosing a Career

Helping teens find a career path that suits them


[Kaylah & Ryan]

As students near the end of high school, many for the first time start thinking seriously about what they want to do when they grow up and how they plan to get there. And, more often than not, the answer is a nervous shrug: no idea. The challenge is to get students – and parents – to think beyond (more than) external rewards, like salary and prestige, so they explore careers that are fulfilling(satisfy) on a deeper level. 
Because a teen’s interests and skills are often transient and
changing, a more useful approach to identifying fitting career paths is to focus on the teen’s personality, said Paul Tieger, an expert in personality typing and co-author of Do What You Are ….
If you know your personality type, you have an extraordinary advantage in finding something satisfying, said Tieger, the creator of mypersonaljobcoach.com. On Tieger’s website, people take a personality assessment that evaluates how they interact with others, make decisions and take in information. It classifies them as one of 16 personality types based on the Myers-Briggs model. This model measures four aspects of personality: extrovert or introvert; sensor or intuitive; thinking or feeling; judging or perceiving.

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Personality test

Sport/TV/Radio personality 有名運動家,電視名人名嘴,名廣播主持人

Has a lot of personality. 很獨特,有個性



transient (adj) 短暫的,三分鐘熱度的;稍縱即逝的
His transient fame made him very proud and he lost a lot of friends.
Transient workers move from state to state to help with the different harvests.
extrovert (n) 外向的人
introvert (n) 內向的人
Sally is an extrovert. She hardly stays at home. On the contrary, her sister Georgia is an introvert.
perceive (v) 感知,察覺到
I perceived someone walking toward me in the darkness.
Computer games are often perceived as bad influences on children.

[Vocabulary & phrase]

shrug (n) 聳肩
prestige (v) 聲望,威信
transient (adj) 短暫的,瞬時的
assessment (n) 評估
extrovert (n) 外向型人
introvert (n) 內向型人
intuitive (adj) 直覺的
perceive (v) 感知,感到


make an assessment, extroverted, extrovert, prestige, fulfilling


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