20110208_ The Rally Fighter (2)

A whole new way of building cars

[Steve ]


[Chelsea & Ryan]


The process

The Local Motors’ process begins with members of their open, online community submitting vehicle designs for review by other members. Then the community votes to select the best design. Winning concepts are further developed through co-creation, a process that combines the professional Local Motors’ team with the online community. During co-creation, everything from the vehicle’s body to its engine and components are chosen. This means the company can focus on producing cars that have already been proven popular by winning a contest.

Development of the Rally Fighter was made more efficient by the use of off-the-shelf parts from companies like BMW, Mazda and Ford. This allows owners to customize their cars, and it makes replacement parts easy to acquire.

After a design is finalized, a micro-factory is established to produce the cars one at a time. These factories create local jobs, generate less waste and allow for further customization. Car buyers spend to two three-day weekends at the factory helping to build their own cars as part of a “build experience.”

The small size of Local Motors doesn’t pose a direct challenge to large automakers, but it does give drivers an option.

[Rachel& Ken]


Vehicle body 車身.

A body shop 汽車鈑金工廠

The body shop






@ component (n) 組成要素,零件,成份

The aircraft components are mostly made in America.


Vegetables are an important component of a healthy diet.


@off-the-shelf (adj) 現成的,買來不需要修改就可以用的,非定製的

You can buy all these beautiful accessories off-the-shelf.


These off-the-shelf computer software programs can no longer meet our need.


@option (n) 選項,選擇

Considering the weather condition, the best option seems to be for us to return home right now.


There are several options available for people who are willing to work abroad.


It seems like I have no other option but to say goodbye right now.


[Vocabulary & phrase]

component (n) 組成部分,零部件

off-the-shelf (adj) 現成的

micro (adj) 微小的

option (n) 選項,選擇

component, off-the-shelf, micro, option


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