20110207_ The Rally Fighter (1)

A whole new way of building cars

[Steve ]


The Rally Fighter has introduced new design and building methods to the automobile industry that could very well revolutionize business.

It might pose a challenge.

A self-propelled device.

No wonder I hear vehicle mentioned in a lot of police movies.

They simply want to be the sand that fills in the space between those marbles.

we’re  using  it  in  more  of  a  positive  sense

They  wanted  to  participate  in  this  groundbreaking  process  of  designing  and

creating  amazing  cars.

[Chelsea & Ryan]


Though it might look like an ordinary sports car, the Rally Fighter is anything but average. The US$50,000 off-road, street-legal racer was designed by an online community, making it the world’s first open-source car design to reach production. That makes the Rally Fighter more than just an ingenious(very smart, clever idea); it’s a whole new way of making cars. And for Local Motors, the company that builds it, the racer is just the beginning.

The Rally Fighter versus the auto industry

Today, most people drive cars produced by large automakers. These companies spend huge amounts of time and money developing vehicles that are suitable for mass production. Theoretically, this process results in safe, well-engineered cars that normal people can afford. Unfortunately, developmental costs also mean automakers can’t effectively take customer feedback into account in their designs.

Local Motors is challenging the automakers’ model with a unique developmental process that combines professional engineering with the input of an online community. When moving cars from the drawing board to production, Local Motors takes less time and incurs lower costs than larger companies.

[Rachel& Ken]


I’ve noticed that you spend an awful lot of time here.

That’s like being a spectator in the grandstand

I have noticed my weight getting a bit heavier lately.


TOYOTO is the make; (N) 廠牌the brand of car = the make of car. automaker 汽車製造廠商

Camry is the model. 型或款式

Vehicle 任何交通工具



@ That makes the Rally Fighter more than just an ingenious idea.

to make something more than just a         

The refrigerator’s computer panel makes it more than just another household appliance.

This watch’s ability to take pictures makes it more than just a timepiece.



@ ingenious (adj) 巧妙的,精巧的,具有原創性的

This ingenious model of human organs captured the students’ attention.


His ingenious design was copied by many other fashion designers.



@theoretically (adv) 理論上來說 theory

Theoretically, processing such a large amount of data is possible.


A cure for this disease is theoretically possible.



@incur (v) 帶來,產生,招致 incurred, incurring

The cost incurred by the surgery will be covered by the patient’s health insurance.


The mayor’s careless comments incurred much criticism by the press.



[Vocabulary & phrase]

open-source (adj) 開放源代碼的

ingenious (adj) 機靈的,有獨創性的

suitable (adj) 適當的

theoretically (adv) 理論上

feedback (n) 反饋

incur (v) 引起,招致

incur, open-source, feedback, marble, ingenious, groundbreaking, theoretically, self-propelled.


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