20110208_ America’s Big Game

America gets ready for its favorite television event ­ the Super Bowl.

[Steve ]


Take away the timeouts, the penalty reviews and the commercials, and the game itself was just under 15 minutes long.

American football took a commanding first place.

Surprisingly, soccer ranks pretty low on the list.

[Chip & Ryan]

@ Tomorrow, millions will gather at parties to watch the Super Bowl ­ professional football’s championship game. For years, football has ranked as America’s most popular sport.  Last year’s Super Bowl was the most­watched show of any kind in U.S. history. What makes this annual television event so popular? Here are a few reasons:

The game

Football is fun to watch. Each team strives to score by running or passing the football to get it down the field. And, they must avoid getting tackled. So, players must display an amazing combination of elephant­like strength and cat­like agility.

The halftime show (first half -halftime- second half)

After the game’s first half, famous musicians give a brief but exciting musical performance. Past Super Bowl halftime shows have featured names like Aerosmith, U2  and Michael Jackson. 

The commercials 

Companies know that a large TV audience means huge opportunities to advertise.  Therefore, companies broadcast their newest and most entertaining commercials during the Super Bowl. Even if you’re not a real football fan, Super Bowl Sunday is still an exciting day!

[Rachel& Ken]


I’ve noticed that you spend an awful lot of time here.

That’s like being a spectator in the grandstand

I have noticed my weight getting a bit heavier lately.


The super bowl

The spectator sports 觀賞性運動

Spectator 旁觀者

The participant sports

Life is not a spectator sport.




@ Each team strives to score by running or passing the football to get it down the field.


Scientists are testing a drug by giving it to rats to see if it can fight tumor or not.

The celebrity wants to help people by sending food and medical supplies to support the refugee camps.




@ tackle :擒抱;抓住

The receiver was tacked by number 32 of the opposing team.

The police officer tacked the robber in an alley.

@Agility : un, 靈活或敏捷; agile  靈活的 /ˈædʒaɪl/

The taxi driver maneuvers his car with agility on the streets jammed with traffic. 靈活操縱

The boy showed his great mental agility at a young age. 靈活思想

Leopards are agile hunters.

@commercial 電視廣告

The commercial for the cereal was so successful that it boosted sales almost 20%.

advertisement 平面廣告

An advertisement on the front page costs a lot of money.


[Vocabulary & phrase]

tackle :擒抱;抓住
Agility : un,

strive  努力爭取

tackle, Agility, commercial, strive, agile, advertise, leopard.

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