20110122_ Meetings, Meetings, Meetings(2)

Managing meetings right can make life easier for everyone

[Steve ]

@ prepare and plan ahead

 [Chip & Brandon]

@I remember attending my very first meeting as a rookie. I was astonished when the meeting chair threw the very first question at me in front of a room of 30 people. My brain went blank for a good five seconds because I wasn’t prepared. But the chair let me off the hook(to escape from) by jumping to the next person. I was so embarrassed not to be able to answer the question. But that taught me to always be prepared for any meeting I would attend from that day on.
Joan (Jo): Are you attending the production committee meeting at 2 p.m.?
Jeff (Je): Yes. But I haven’t received the agenda yet.
Jo: I haven’t either. I think Bruce
is chairing the meeting.
Je: And
he isn’t timely when it comes to sending out agendas.
Jo: I know. And it’s always difficult to prepare then.
Je: Well, at least we know what the projects are. We can make some comments.
Jo: True. But it really helps to know the aspects of the projects Bruce plans to discuss.
Otherwise, we’re all in the dark.
Je: And we look foolish when we don’t participate.
Jo: Maybe I’ll be proactive and
shoot Bruce an e-mail asking for the agenda.
Je: Good idea!

[Rachel& Ken]


K: Hey, Rachel.
R: Hi, Ken. How can I help you?
K: I am looking for this town, Wilmington. Do you know where it is?
R: Wilmington. Oh, that is a good distance from here.
K: A good distance from here. What do you mean? How can a distance be good?
R: When you replace the word “good “before a noun, it can be used to emphasize a large number or
a amount of something. So a good distance is a long distance.
K: So Wilmington is a long distance from here.
R: Right. Hey, Ken. When was the last time you had a good cry.
K: A good cry. Is that a bad cry?
R: (Laughter) No, a good cry is a
force(full) substantial cry. Sometimes you feel better after a good cry. When my high school boyfriend broke up with me, I had a good cry. But Then I got over at(it) the next day.
K: Oh, so a good cry did you a lot of good.
R: Yeah.
K: So how else can the sense of good be used?
R: Well. You know that a big house that
would be(was) for sale across the street, I hear somebody paid good money for it.
K: Good money! So somebody paid a large sum of money for the house.
R: You got it. Well, thanks for your help.
K: Now
that I know Wilmington is a good distance away and I’m not gonna bother going there.
Catch gone. Too much you(yeah,don’t,unless you) want to stand five hours on the road.
K: Hmm. No, thanks.

Good 充分的,十足的,相當的
Good 5 seconds,
A good distance
A good cry
Have a good night sleep,



@My brain went blank for a good five seconds because I wasn’t prepared.
good            good here doesn’t mean the opposite of bad, it means full or complete
The driver was late, and I had to wait for a good ten minutes before he showed up.
How did the young child wander so far in the park? That walk had to be a good mile!



@ let somebody off the hook 擺脫困境,逃避懲罰
Nathan’s boss let him off the hook
this time, but he won’t give Nathan another chance.

@in the dark 毫無頭緒,毫不知情,蒙在鼓裡
The whole company is in the dark about why the previous CEO got replaced.
He was completely in the dark about why he got fired.

@proactive (adj) 積極主動的,主動出擊的
Bob decided to take a more proactive role on the team.
The new manager’s proactive approach makes working here much more exciting.



[Vocabulary & phrase]

rookie (n) 新人
chair (n)
let somebody off the hook
production (n)
be in the dark
proactive (adj)

Astonished, timely, chair, proactive, shoot sb an email, in the dark


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