20110120_ Innovative Eco-friendly Products(2)

From a toilet to a TV, new technology comes in all shapes, sizes and prices

[Steve ]


[Chelsea & Brandon]


LED light bulbs
LED is the newest
alternative to the current, energy-efficient fluorescent light bulbs. But unlike fluorescent bulbs, LED lights contain no traces of the toxic element mercury. They are even found to be 5 percent more efficient than fluorescent and possess a life span of up to 50,000 hours! Purchase costs may be high, but only LEDs can say they will still be glowing 20 years from now.
LCD is nothing new –
liquid crystal display was first discovered as a technology in 1888. But these days, LCD is the standard in energy-efficient TVs. The past year offered up numerous improvements that are determined to save watts and bucks. For one, human presence sensors prompt the TVs to shut off after 30 minutes when no one is in the room. Additionally, illuminating [to shine light on something 照明;照亮;照射 VN]  backlights dim and brighten depending on the lighting present in the room. To cut off power completely, just flip a switch on the back panel to avoid paying for that energy use spent in “sleep mode.” All of these are just some of the many ways LCD has once again redefined efficiency.


[Rachel& Ken]


K: I wouldn’t (don’t) get it, Rachel. This newspaper article is talking about how to make a fast buck, but there is nothing in it about deer or even animals.
R: (Laughter) No. Ken. The buck mentioned there is not referring to a male deer. A buck is an informal word for a dollar. Hey, Ken. Do you have a buck I can borrow?
K: Oh. So you want to borrow a dollar?
R: That’s right.
K: But. Who wants to make just a buck?
R: Well. Buck also can refer to an amount of money. A person
likes to (might) decide to work overtime to make an extra buck or earn some extra cash. So a fast buck is just easy money. Some people like to make a fast buck without putting into(in very) much hard work.
K: I see. Now this article makes sense.
R: And you know, Ken. We should never pass the buck.
K: Pass the buck? What does that mean?
R: To pass a buck means to shift
to blame or responsibility onto another person. A responsible person would say “the buck stops here.”
K: Hmm. Something tells me that that is not referring to a male deer, either.
R: No, Ken. “The buck stops here” is an informal expression, that means
that’s all of responsibility raise(the ultimate responsibility rests)here. So here in library if someone steals a book or doesn’t pay a fine. The buck stops here: I have to be responsible for what happens, not my boss.
K: Hmm. I admire that.
R: So, Ken, you haven’t answered my question yet. Can I borrow a buck? Do you have a buck I can borrow?
K: Oh. You’re serious. OK, just a minute.
Buck :
一頭公鹿; 美金1
Borrow a buck.
Make an extra buck:
Save watts and bucks:
Pass a buck:
推卸責任, 怪罪別人
The buck stops here







@alternative (n) 替代方案,非傳統的選項

Natural herbs can be an alternative to medicine for treating colds.


Green tea is a healthier alternative to coffee if you need caffeine.



@life span (n) 使用期間,壽命

The life span of an adult butterfly is only one or two weeks.


The life span of this kind of battery is twice as long as the regular ones.



@sensor (n) 感應器

A heat sensor can detect the presence of human beings or animals.


The smoke sensor goes off if someone is smoking in the bathroom on the plane.



[Vocabulary & phrase]

LED [light-emitting diode] (n) 發光二極管
alternative (n)
fluorescent (adj)
life span (n)
watt (n)
sensor (n)
redefine (v)


alternative, LED light bulbs, energy-efficient, prompt. illuminating backlight, dim, brighten, flip the switch.



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