20110119_ Innovative Eco-friendly Products

From a toilet to a TV, new technology comes in all shapes, sizes and prices


@ innovative, eco-friendly. Frugal-spending


[Chelsea & Brandon]


Below are some of the most innovative products that will save you lots of cash in the long run.
Dual-flush toilets
Did you know 40 percent of indoor water usage
is flushed down a toilet? That’s right – 55 billion gallons of clean water are sent down the pipes each day. Dual-flush toilets use different amounts of water for solid and liquid waste. Anywhere from 30 to 50 percent less water is flushed in addition to the $100 or so dollars saved each year.
Steam dishwashers
Steam dishwashers help save on that water bill. Steam models can use up to 33 percent less water than the standard dishwasher. What’s more, studies have shown steam dishwashers clean dishes better than their counterparts. Some models even offer owners the ability to customize the wash intensity for an upper rack of wine glasses and lower rack of crusted pots and pans.
Wireless charging
Allowing the charge of up to three devices plus one USB port on brands like Powermat, wireless models offer speeds
equivalent to or greater than the manufacturer-provided chargers. In addition, these models incorporate an auto-shutoff feature when charging completes. Products charge while they rest on top of the charging mat. They come in handy[to be useful] during traveling when only a car charger or single electrical outlet is available.

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In 1812, when Captain John Grono ventured into Milford Sound’s narrow entrance, he was greeted by a vision of matchless natural beauty. Soon after, European seal hunters and fisherman began arriving. It took another 100 years, though, before the flocks of tourists appeared. In 1954, the Homer Tunnel opened, making Milford Sound accessible by automobile. Before that, the sound was only accessible by boat, plane, or foot.

[Rachel& Ken]


K: Hi, Rachel.
R: Hi, Ken.
K: Hmm. Why are you cutting
out(up) the newspaper?
R: I’m not cutting
out(up) the newspaper. I’m cutting out coupons. And they help me save money when I go shopping at a(the) grocery store.
K: You actually go to the trouble of cutting out coupons, so you can save a few cents. 
R: Well. It’s a bit of
a hassle, but I need to be frugal of my spending. You should see my grocery load (bills) .
K: Umm, frugal. What’s that?
R: When you’re frugal, you try to avoid waste. It means to be economic
al or thrifty. It’s mostly used to retalk (when we talk) about spending money. My mom is very frugal and I need to learn from her. That’s why I am cutting out this coupon.
K: Oh. So you’re penny-pinching, right?
R: No, penny-pinching is different. Why don’t we have Studio Classroom editor-in –chief, Doris, explain it for us?
K: Ok.
D: Penny-pinching and frugal are very different. Penny-pinching is negative. If one is penny-pinching ,
or (one is) stingy, and that’s a lot more strict(extreme) than frugal which is a virtue.
K: Wow. I didn’t know that. Sorry for saying that you’re penny-pinching.
R: No problem, Ken. I’m not penny-pinching, but you could say I’m penny-wise.
K: Penny-wise?
R: That’s right. If a person is penny-wise, he or she is careful in dealing with small sums of money.
K: Hmm, maybe I should learn to be frugal, too.
R: Well. You can have
recipe(the rest of ) these coupons after I rundown of them(i’m done with them) .
K: Oh. Thank you, Rachel.

Frugal spending, 節儉的

cut up Sth

cut out A of B
be frugal of

Go to the trouble of doing sth.千方百計做某事
Penny-pinching is negative
small sums of money



Anywhere from 30 to 50 percent less water is flushed in addition to the $100 or so dollars saved each year.
anywhere from 30 to 50 percent less water  
We moved anywhere from 50 to 60 boxes yesterday.
I’m not sure exactly how many people were invited to the party; it was anywhere from 30 to 40 people, so we need to be prepared



@dual (adj) 兩段式的,兩部分的,雙重的

Charles enjoys his dual role as a CEO and a father of three kids.


Brenda had dual citizenship. She’s Canadian but also has a French passport.


@counterpart (n)  相對應的事物,同等職位的人

Our vice president will have a meeting with his counterpart from the company we are going to sign a contract with.


@equivalent (adj) 相等的,相同的     (to)

Mark is going to another company to do a job equivalent to the one he has now but with a higher salary.


One US dollar is equivalent to 30NT dollars.



[Vocabulary & phrase]

dual (adj) 雙重的,兩種的
counterpart (n)
crusted (adj)
equivalent (adj)
outlet (n)


Frugal, thrifty, stingy, dual, flush, upper rack, equivalent, dual citizenship

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