20110117_ Milford Sound, New Zealand(2)

Can students really be creative at school?

[Steve & Hazel]

@ Discover the magic and majesty [/ˈmædʒəsti/, cause you to respect]of this amazing waterway

[Chip & Kaylah]


Weather and wildlife
Over one million tourists annually explore Milford Sound. Many go by boat or plane. And
one winding road leads to it, so people can walk or drive in. No matter how they come, everyone wants a chance to see the wildlife and stunning scenery[ general look of area].With more than 182 days of rain yearly, the sound is one of the world’s wettest places. Yet the rain adds to the beauty by causing waterfalls to spring up throughout the fiord.
Visitors can
see seals sunning themselves everywhere along the sound. The fiord is home to the New Zealand Fur Seal. One of New Zealand’s rarest penguins, the Fiordland crested penguin can also be spotted. Tourists also come to see famous Mitre Peak, with its steep cliffs rising 1,692 meters.
One survey named Milford Sound the world’s top travel destination. And author Rudyard Kipling once called it
the eighth wonder of the world. It’s no surprise then that Milford Sound is a finalist in the New7Wonders of Nature contest.

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In 1812, when Captain John Grono ventured into Milford Sound’s narrow entrance, he was greeted by a vision of matchless natural beauty. Soon after, European seal hunters and fisherman began arriving. It took another 100 years, though, before the flocks of tourists appeared. In 1954, the Homer Tunnel opened, making Milford Sound accessible by automobile. Before that, the sound was only accessible by boat, plane, or foot.

[Rachel& Ken]

@R: Hey, Ken.
K: Oh. Hi, Rachel.
R: I see you still looking at that
book show(brochure) about Mount Washington.
K: You know. The more I look at it, the more I want to go. The pictures in the
book show(brochure) sure look inviting
R: Well, I love Mount Washington. You should definitely go.
K: Well. According to the
book show(brochure), one can take a senior group(the scenic route up) a winding road.
R: (Laughter) Ken, it’s a winding road.
K: A winding road! But w-i-n-d is pronounced /w
We (Well), now use it(not when it is used) as a verb. To wind means to move in a curving course. A river may wind though forests and a road that winds up the mountain is a winding road.
K: Oh. Like in the old day
s, people had to wind their watches and clocks.
R: You got it. At the end of a long day, I’d like to
keep (kick) back, listen to music and unwind.
K: Unwind? Oh, it is like
losing(lossening) the tension or something?
R: That’s the idea.
K: Hey, Rachel, The
book show(brochure) also says you may get winded at the top of the mountain, because the air is so thin.
R: Ken. (Laughter) In that usage, you should pronounce
it /wɪndɪd/. You might get winded after some vigorous exercise.
K: Winded!
R: Right. If you feel winded, you might be panting and out of breath.
K: Oh. English is so difficult sometimes.
R: Well. Don’t like me to take the wind out of yourself. Keep try and you’ll master it in no time.
K: OK.
Wind /wa
ɪnd/ (v)
蜿蜒,曲折 winding road 蜿蜒的道路
上緊發條, unwind (解開,鬆開)

Wind /wɪnd/ (v,n)
氣息,呼吸 feel winded



The opening of the Homer Tunnel in 1954 made it possible to reach the fiord by car.
to make something possible
The invention of scuba gear made it possible for people to stay under water for a very long time.
The charitable foundation’s donations made it possible for poor children to attend school.


@scenery (n) 風景,景色

The scenery along the beach is breathtaking.


Switzerland is famous for its beautiful scenery.



@scene (n) 場景,現場

The crime scene is located on the 11th floors.



@spring up 迅速長出,迅速出現

Weeds sprang up everywhere in our backyard when we were on vacation.


Last spring, it seemed like gourmet restaurants were springing up everywhere in the area.



@destination (n) 目的地,終點

The final destination of this bus is Chicago.


Napa Valley is one of the hottest vacation destinations in California.


We should be able to reach our destination by noon.


[Vocabulary & phrase]

wildlife (n) 野生動物

tourist (n) 遊客

scenery (n) 景色

spring up 迅速出現

crested (adj) 有頂飾的

cliff (n) 懸崖

destination (n) 目的地


wildlife, stunning scenery, panting, out of breath, seal, breathtaking,



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