20110117_ Milford Sound, New Zealand(1)

Discover the magic and majesty [/ˈmædʒəsti/, cause you to respect]of this amazing waterway


[Steve & Hazel]


[Chip & Kaylah]


New Zealand’s narrow, icy blue waterway known as Milford Sound is often photographed and painted. Some have called the sound the most beautiful place in the world. Yet this fiord remained a mystery to most of the outside world until the 20th century.
Nineteen kilometers long, Milford Sound is situated on New Zealand’s South Island. The sea helped create the waterway when it flooded
a valley of glaciers. Today, rock walls rising straight up out of the water line the fiord. Though narrow in some spots, the fiord widens to three kilometers. The entrance at Dale Point is only 548 meters wide. This narrow entrance actually kept the waterway a secret from the outside for many years. Early explorers feared getting their ships stuck in the narrow passage [passageway] and sailed by. In 1812, Captain John Grono sailed into the fiord, proving it was safe for ship travel. The opening of the Homer Tunnel in 1954 made it possible to reach the fiord by car.

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[Rachel& Ken]


R: What’re you reading, Ken?
K: Oh. Just a
book show brochure about Mount Washington.
R: Mount Washington is a
must-see if you haven’t been to it.
K: Yeah. It looks really nice. It says here
these discover the magic and majesty of the mountain. Hey, Rachel, why does the this place have a magic? Does it have magicians that perform on the mountain?
R: No, Ken. Magic has
two(a) different meanings there. It means great charm or extraordinary quality.
K: So a place can have
a magic?
R: Sure. You might call it a magical place. When flowers start blooming during spring time, we can talk about the magic of spring time. It’s a magi
cal time of a year.
K: So, magical is an adjective form of magic.
R: That’s right.
K: So a magician does magical tricks.
R: No, a magician does magic tricks. Magical is
the adjective for magic, only in the sense that it’s charming or mysteries. When we(you) talk about magic, as in an illusion produced by a musician, we still use magic as adjective
K: So, a magician puts on a magic show.
R: Right, not a magical show.
At less(unless) you are really charmed or dazzled by the show.
K: Ok, I get it.
R: Well. Be sure you go visit Mount Washington if you get the chance
J: I will.
Magic (n)
魅力, 帶有神秘的美
Magical (adj); Magical time of year.
Magic (adj)
魔術般; magic tricks. Magic show
Magical show;



The opening of the Homer Tunnel in 1954 made it possible to reach the fiord by car.
to make something possible
The invention of scuba gear made it possible for people to stay under water for a very long time.
The charitable foundation’s donations made it possible for poor children to attend school.


@remain (v) 保持不變,依然是
Sam remains humble even though he’s quite successful now.
A high crime rate remains this area’s biggest problem.

@situate (v) 使位於,使坐落在
The city government situated a bus stop near the elementary school for the students’ convenience.
The company’s headquarters are situated in Denver, Colorado.

@rise up 聳立,樹立
As we were driving, we saw beautiful green hillsides rising up in front of us.
The first time I went to Manhattan,
I was amazed by the skyscrapers rising up around me.


[Vocabulary & phrase]

fiord (n) 峽灣

remain (v) 保持

situated (adj) 位於

glacier (n) 冰川

rise up 聳立

passage (n) 通道


majesty, fiord, brochure, dazzle, must-see, passageway, situate, rise up, remain, glacier


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