20110115_ Do schools kill creativity(2)

Can students really be creative at school?

[Steve & Hazel]

@It’s a big issue.

Lose interest and imagination

 [Chip & Winnie]

@Conversation B
P: Besides, people are different and don’t all learn in exactly the same way.
E: What do you mean?
P: Well, for example, teachers once thought the choreographer for Cats, Gillian Lynne, had a learning disability
E: And did she?
P: No! Her teachers assumed that she did because she couldn’t sit still. Fortunately, her doctor realized she just needed to express herself through movement.
E: What happened?
P: Her parents enrolled her in a performing arts school. Instead of having all of her creativity suppressed, she was able to excel in her field and in life.
E: That’s a great story, but I really think our school has to follow certain guidelines.
P: Yeah, maybe. But the classrooms still don’t all have to be structured exactly the same way. The same format every day causes students to lose interest and imagination.
E: Our classes aren’t all like that, though. Ms. Wynn uses lots of creative methods to teach us English.
P: You’re right. She fosters creativity and gets us excited about learning. I hope her teaching style is

[More Information]


[Rachel& Ken]


K: So, Rachel, are you going to have a that picnic this weekend?
R: Oh. Don’t even ask. We decided to cancel it because everyone is sick, and besides the forecast calls for rain.
Beside the forecast? What’sbeside the forecast?
R: No, Ken (Laughter). Not
beside. I saidbesideswith an s in at the end.
K: Oh.
Besides. So it’s likemoreover.
R: In some ways, yes, both words are used as a transition from one point to
the other another. As for the their difference, why don’t we have Studio Classroom’s editor- in-chief, Doris, explain it for us?
K: Ok.
D: The main difference between
besidesandmoreoveris that when it’s withbesides, the statement after it argues the same thing as the statement before it. Whereas, moreoveris often an introduction as of a new point of or statement.
K: I think I know what she means. Can you give me an example, Rachel?
R: Sure. I just said
that the picnic is cancelled because everyone is sick, besides the forecast calls for the rain.
K: So, both statements argue that the picnic should be cancelled.
R: Right. The second statement that
besidesintroduces serves to support all to or strengthen  the first statement.
K: Ok. What about
Moreoveris simply an introduction as of a new point which may or may not argue the same  for as the first statement. For instance, we can saythe government is telling people to save the electricity, moreover, it’s promoting the use of solar energy.  
K: So this is
the a case wherebesidesdoesn’t work.
R: Right. And as you can see, we can use
moreoverin almost all cases. But we can only usebesidesin certain cases.
K: I see. Well, I hope people won’t be sick
for too long.
R: Me too. I really want to have that picnic.

Besides, 況且,何況所提出的論點要和前一句的論點相符合
此外,再者. 表有自己主張,不用呼應前句


In some ways, as for, call for, whereas

the other

one…the other…一般用來表示總數為二中的「另外一個」,the other是特指
one/some…others…/other +
如果你想表達特指的「另外一些」(表示在一個範圍內的其他全部),那麼就可以用the other+名詞複數,或者the others
聽寫力,from one point to another,從一個論點轉到另一個論點,並不是特指,所以用another







@suppress (v) 壓抑,抑制

Freedom of speech is suppressed by many governments around the world.


Hank couldn’t suppress his happiness about his engagement and kept smiling.



@format (n) 格式,模式

The format of the magazine will be totally changed beginning with the next issue.


The format of the conference is carefully arranges so everyone can participate in a variety of workshops.



@foster (v) 鼓勵,培養,助長

A stimulating environment can foster children’s initiatives to learn.


Sean’s parents try hard to foster his interest in art.



[Vocabulary & phrase]


choreographer (n) 編舞
learning disability
performing arts school
suppress (v)
guideline (n)
format (n)
foster (v)


Learning disability, choreographer, contagious, foster


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