20110114_ Do schools kill creativity

Can students really be creative at school?

[Steve & Hazel]


 [Chip & Winnie]


High school students Erin and Paul are talking after class.
Conversation A
E: What do you think of Mr. Powers’ assignment?
P: Well, it doesn’t matter what I think. Mr. Powers did all the thinking for us. He told us exactly what to do and how to do it.
E: What’s wrong with that?
P: There’s no creativity involved. If I decide to do the assignment differently, I’ll get a bad grade.
E: Why would you want to do it differently?
P: Well, I might want to be creative. Maybe I want to think outside the box. But schools kill creativity. Mr. Powers’ assignment is a perfect example.
E: Schools don’t kill creativity. The structure, the established hours and the schedules all help prepare us for the expectations of the real world.
P: Schools just ensure we’re all alike. Think about it. In school, we are taught to get the right answers and to conform.
E: But we have to learn skills like reading and math to be anything in life. Those subjects have right and wrong answers.
P: I know. But we also need to be able to play with ideas and not just complete assignments.

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[Rachel& Ken]

K: Hi, Rachel.
R: Hmm. Hi, Ken.
K: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.
R: That’s Ok. I wasn’t paying
an attention.
K: You seem distracted today.
R: Well. I’m taking a class
in at the community center, of a drawing class. and I just come got my work back from the teacher.
K: Wow, that’s nice. Did your teacher like it?
R: No, she didn’t.
K: Oh. I’m sorry. What didn’t
the your teacher like about it?
R: Well. I didn’t do my best
in some of these on this drawings, because I was so tired. Having no sleep can really kill creativity for me.
K: Kill creativity? I don’t get it. Creativity is not a life. How do you kill something that is not a life?
R: Well, if something kills creativity, it
is to destroys it. When the a non-living object is killed, it is being destroyed or done away with. On the other hand, if the a living thing is killed, that refers to taking life away.
K: So, when you say having no sleep can kill creativity, you mean that being tired destroys your creativity.
R: That’s right.
K: Are there other objects that we say “a
re killed" meaning destroyed?
R: Yes, there’re a lot. You can kill time, meaning you have to wait around for something
else to happen. Or do a wait away with time when you’re waiting for someone or something.
K: Like when I
have had to kill time and more at the mall, waiting for the movie to begin.
R: That’s a very good use of the phrase
to kill time. We can also say kill the mood, meaning something that changes or fast affectsthe mood in the a place.
K: Like
when my friend, Neil, sneezed during a sad movie, he it really kills killed the mood.
R: (Laughter) Your friend
‘s sneezing destroyed Nisin, destroys the sad mood or killed the mood. 
They those are very useful phrases. Thanks you for explaining them.
R: You’re welcome.
K: I hope you do better on
the your next drawing.
R: Thanks, me too. I’ll try to get a lot more sleep before my next one is due.

kill creativity. 扼殺
Kill time
Kill engine

at the mall, do away with, affect, sneeze
Creativity is not a life. How do you kill something that is not a life.
雖然聽起來像a life 但是感覺用alive更通順




But we have to learn skills like reading and math to be anything in life.

to be anything in life               

= anything does not mean object. It means someone or something that is important.

To be anything in any profession, a lot of people start from the bottom and work their way to the top.

If you want to be anything in show business, you have to be willing to work hard.



@established (adj) 既定的,已確立的
The established methods are not efficient enough nowadays.
The family’s established connections in politics helped them greatly with their business.

@conform (v) 順從,遵從                (to)
All students were requested to
conform to the school’s roles.
All our products conform to the government’s safety regulations.

@play with + something 思索,考慮 consider
My husband and I are
playing with the idea of moving to the suburbs.
I’ve been playing with the possibility of changing jobs.


[Vocabulary & phrase]

assignment (n) 作業

think outside the box 跳出既有的思維模式

established (adj) 既定的

conform (v) 服從

play with something 考慮


assignment, thin outside the box, establish, conform to, play with



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