20110113_ 「Green」 Solutions for Future Events

Event planners may score a big win with these eco-friendly ideas


@ sadly,…

Green person

[Chip & Brandon]

As Spain kicked its winning goal, World Cup planners were already thinking about 2014. Plans include looking for ways to make future games greener. One topic being discussed is the benefits of temporary stadiums rather than permanent ones.
South Africa, for instance, spent hundreds of millions of dollars
on several permanent stadiums. Now that soccer fans have departed, city leaders aren’t sure how to use the massive arenas. However, permanent structures that are built for one event could soon be a thing of the past.
Architect John Barrow believes solutions exist in something he calls
stadium in a box. Flexible arenas would be designed to meet the needs of individual events. London’s 2012 Olympic stadium will use this idea. During the Olympics, 55,000 temporary seats will be added to 25,000 permanent seats and then removed afterward.
Barrow also suggests using
prefab [prefabricate] materials to build stadiums. When an event ends, the stadium could be taken apart and built again somewhere else. Recyclable solutions may very well be found in stadiums in a box.

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[Rachel& Ken]

K: Hey, Rachel. There are no more paper towels in the bathroom. Did the janitor forget to add now ones?
R: Sorry, Ken. The library has a new policy now. We want to go green. So, we’re not providing paper towel
s any more.
K: Oh.
It’s is that why. Well, I’m always a supporter of going green. And not using paper towels will help save more trees.
R: Yeah. It is important to live a green life.
K: Rachel, people always say go green to mean protecting the environment. Are there any color idioms in English?
R: Oh. There are hundreds of color idioms. Ken, you
’re look kind of blue today. Are you all right?
K: I look blue? What do you mean? (Laughter)
R: (Laughter) When someone looks blue, they look sad. For example, the child looks blue when her balloon
parkedpopped. Oh, and there’s also black sheep. Do you know what that one is?
K: Hmm. Black sheep doesn’t sound too
favoring flattering.
R: No, It doesn’t. A black sheep refers to
a the person or a thing that is a disgrace to its kind. For example, the criminal was a the black sheep of his family. Oh, and there’s  also yellowbelly yellow-bellied. That means scared or cowardly. The man with yellowbelly was yellow-bellied for not standing up for what is was right.
K: I
‘ve heard yellowbelly yellow-bellied in old westerns
R: That’s because it’s a very common American old
western west term.
K: Hmm, interesting. Anything else?
R: Sure. When somebody or someone is tickled pink, they are very excited
and or pleased. And here is another one “ Rose-colored glasses.” When you look through rose-colored glasses, you see the situation better than that it really is.
K: I’ve heard the term rose-colored glasses talking about people in love.
For that, it’s well, that’s a very common using use of that idiom. It means two people are so in love that they see each other as if they are the best people person in the world.
K: And when someone is in love, they must be tickled pink to hear from their special someone.
R: That’s true, Ken.
K: Well, thank you for those useful color idioms. I will make sure that I don’t become
a the black sheep of my family.
R: Yeah. Don’t do that. That
will would make your parents feel very blue.
K: Hmm.

Green 環保
Tickled pink
Black sheep
See through rose-colored glasses

I appreciate your statement about my dictation very much.

pop, flattering, yellow-bellied, term, as if


Janitor, go green, Is that why? a disgrace to, cowardly, pop, flattering, yellow-bellied, term, as if




…permanent structures that are built for one event could soon be a thing of the past.
a thing of the past   describe how something is or will no longer be used
More and more people using digital cameras to take pictures, having photos developed at a photo center is becoming a thing of the past.
The new tunnels allow drivers to go quickly through the mountains; driving along the base to the mountains will soon become a thing of the past.
In this company, paper memos are a thing of the past; all information is distributed through the Internet.



@individual (adj) 個別的,個人的

The design of the kitchens can be adjusted according to each household’s individual needs.


Victor’s individual writing style can be easily recognized.


@prefab (adj) (prefabricated的縮寫) 預製的

These prefab houses are designed to be temporary shelters for earthquake victims.


@recyclable (adj) 可回收再利用的,可再循環的

These milk jars are recyclable.


Recyclable materials are often a bit more expensive, but they are definitely worth the investment.



[Vocabulary & phrase]

temporary (adj) 臨時的

structure (n) 建築

individual (adj) 單個的

prefab (adj) 預製的

recyclable (adj) 可回收的


Janitor, disgrace, cowardly, pop, flattering, yellow-bellied, prefab, recyclable



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