20110112_ Will Power(3)

Hollywood superstar Will Smith knows sucess


@ I consider he as a talent actor.

Do you have a knack for doing anything?

New York is a culturally diverse city,

[Chip & Kaylah]

From the small screen[TV] to the silver screen [big/ movie screen]

Today, most people know Smith for his diverse movie roles. He can do anything from action films like Bad Boys to romantic comedies like Hitch and bring in an audience each time. Whether he’s batting aliens, robots or zombies, Smith’s characters often have a knack for [have a natural ability/skill to do something easily] saving the planet. Such is the case in films like Independence Day, Men in Black, I, robot and I Am Legend. When Smith ventures into dramatic roles he gained critical praise. He received Oscar nominations for his portrayal of famed boxer Muhammad Ali in Ali and later as a struggling father in the Pursuit of Happyness. After his 2008 superhero flick [movie] Hancock hit theaters[came to theater and gained popularity] , Smith became the first actor to have eight consecutive [/kənˈsekjətɪv] films gross [ total amount] over $100 million at the box office. Today he remains one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood.
Smith continues to find success with each new
movie [flick]. And when he’s got spare time, he often produces hits like the two Grammy-award winners from the 1997 album Big Willie Style. Will Smith puts his mind [concentrate] to his work and succeeds. After all, where there’s a Will, there’s always a way.

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[Rachel& Ken]

R: Hi, Ken. What are you working on?
K: Oh. I’m just reading
the this Chinese book.
R: A Chinese book! Can I see it?
K: Sure.
R: Oh. Wow. Some of
the these characters are greatly look really complicated.
K: Well. Some of them are.
R: You know. I started taking a Chinese class recently.
K: Oh. That’s great. Do you enjoy your class?
R: Well. Yes, I really do enjoy the class, but, I’m having a hard time learning all
of these characters.
K: The characters are not easy.
R: No, they are
n’t. But you’re really good in at Chinese. Would you be willing to help me in your spare time.
K: Sure, I’ll help you. But what do you mean
s by spell time.
R: (Laughter) not
spell time, Ken. Spare time.
Spare time.
R: You got it.
K: So what is spare time?
R: Spare time is extra time.
K: How can you have extra time? Isn’t time a set amount with hours, days and weeks.
R: Well. Extra time means time when you are not busy.
K: You mean spare time is when I’m not doing anything.
R: Kind of. It means the time you do not have planned to be doing something.
K: So, when I have no plan
s, that’s my spare time?
R: Yes. Umm, so do you have spare time when you can help me with my Chinese?
K: Well, I go to work in the day and come here during my spare time. I can help you with
the Chinese once I’m coming when I come in.
R: That
will would be great. Thank you, Ken.
K: Sure, no problem.
Spare time
Thank you a lot.

be good at
what do you mean by
spell time. 疑問詞+助動詞+主語+動詞原形+其他



Such is the case in films like Independence Day, Men in Black, I, robot and I Am Legend.

Such is the case with/like  

Independence Day, Men in Black, I, robot and I Am Legend are example es of what was just said.

Students often do better in class when their teachers have high expectations. Such is the case with the students of Class 302.

A person’s English is more likely to improve when they force themselves to practice regularly; such is the case with Sandra’s English.



diverse (adj) 多元的,多種的

The author writes about diverse topics from politics to fashion trends.


New York is a culturally diverse city, which makes it an exciting and interesting place to visit.


knack (n) 技巧,本領

Pamela has a knack for telling jokes, and everyone loves to be around her.


Eric has a knack for getting things organized.


There’s a knack to opening this jar.


consecutive (adj) 連續不斷的

Her album has been at the top of the Bulletin Board for 6 consecutive weeks.


This is the third consecutive weekend that Peter has to work.



[Vocabulary & phrase]

diverse (adj) 多樣的,形形色色的

zombie (n) 殭屍

knack (n) 技巧,竅門

flick (n) 電影,影片

consecutive (adj) 連續的,連貫的

where there’s a will there’s a way 有志者事竟成


diverse, consecutive, flick, knack,

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