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Hollywood superstar Will Smith knows sucess


@ Ability to try something new.

[Chip & Kaylah]

When Smith was 16 years old, he met a disc jockey[DJ] named Jeff Townes at a party. For years Smith had been interested in rap music, creating rhymes with a comedic twist and dreaming of someday making it big. The two adolescents quickly became friends and began to produce music, Townes acting as DJ and Smith as rapper. Soon, the duo became known as DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince and released their first album before Smith even graduated from high school. By the time he was 18, Smith was a millionaire. Known for their parent-friendly, squeaky-clean lyrics, the duo won the first-ever Grammy award for Best Rap Performance in 1989.
As Smith’s musical success soared,
another show business opportunity presented itself. In 1990 he was cast as himself in the television show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Although he had no prior acting experience, audiences were immediately drawn to Smith and watched in delight as the sitcom propelled him further into the spotlight. The show would run for six seasons, making Smith a household name and paving the way for even greater success.

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@Will Smith The Family Man

One thing that keeps Will Smith grounded is his family. He enjoys raising his three children with his wife of over 13 years, actress Jada Pinkett Smith. The family is often photographed together on red carpets and is known for their close bond. Smith shared the big screen with his son Jaden in 2006’s The Pursuit of Happyness.

[Rachel& Ken]

K: Hey. I’ll See you tomorrow, Rachel.
R: You’re leaving earlier than usual today, Ken.
K: Yeah. I’m going to see
Annie get your gun tonight.
R: Oh. That’s a fun musical.
K: A fun musical what?
R: A fun musical.
K: Wait, are you using musical as a noun?
R: That’s right. A musical is
a played with music and dance throughout a the story.
K: So I’m seeing a musical tonight.
R: That’s right. And are you seeing the movie version or
a the live theater?
K: Live theater.
R: Oh. Great. Have you been to a musical before?
K: Well, I went to a concert once. Does that count?
R: No, a musical and a concert are actually different.
K: In the program about
a the musical, it is advertised as one of the best musicals in show business right now. What is the show business?
R: Hmm. I think that is a good question for Studio Classroom Editor, Linda. Why don’t we go to her now?
R: OK.
L: Show business is
an the entertainment industry, including movie, TV, live theater and music. We can refer to all of them as show business. There’s a famous song for the from a musical called There’s no business like show business. This phase means that show business is the best in which to work. It implies that working in the show business is really enjoyable and exciting.
K: Oh. There’s no business like show business. So it means
that the people in show business have the best jobs?
R: Well. That’s what
I it means. But, it is just a singing. It that doesn’t mean that it is always the true.
K: Well. I understand that show business would be exciting, but I don’t think it is the best.
R: I agree. But it is a fun song.
K: Well, you
‘ve got to sing it for me sometime.
R: (Laugh
er) Maybe.
K: Oh. Thanks for helping me understand show business.
R: No problem and enjoy
your the musical tonight.
K: I will.
Musical (adj)
Musical (n)
Show business

Thanks for your correction.

A musical is [a play-n.] with [music and dance] throughout the story. 在這裡play做名詞(演出)而非動詞





@squeaky-clean (adj) 純潔的,一塵不染的
After washing the car for two hours, the windshields were squeaky-clean.
The singer lost her squeaky-clean image after the scandal was exposed.

@soar (v) 高飛,猛增
The eagle soared into the sky.
The price of copper soared when the mines collapsed.
The football team’s performance soared after a series of difficulties during training.

@prior (adj) 之前的,先前的         (to)
His references from his prior jobs are really impressive.
No prior knowledge of computers is required in this course.
A month prior to her graduation, Chloe had already found a job.

[Vocabulary & phrase]

disc jockey [DJ] (n) 流行音樂節目主持人
comedic (adj)
duo (n)
squeaky-clean (adj) 非常乾淨的
soar (v)
prior (adj)


soar, squeaky-clean, duo, propel into, cast as himself


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