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Hollywood superstar Will Smith knows sucess


@ Ability to try something new.

[Chip & Kaylah]

He’s sold millions of records, had a hit sitcom and starred in multiple blockbuster films. He’s one of Hollywood’s biggest stars and, arguably, one of the most-recognized celebrities in the world. Will Smith has seemingly done it all, and yet in spite of his immense fame, he continues to stay grounded. His grandmother once wisely advised him, “Don’t let failure go to your heart and don’t let success go to your head.” While that may be a tough task for many Hollywood A-listers, it’s second nature for Smith.
A “Prince” is born
Willard Christopher Smith Jr. was born on Sept. 25, 1968, and enjoyed a middle-class upbringing in Philadelphia, PA. There, Smith learned to appreciate and get along with people of
differing ethnic backgrounds. His neighborhood was a melting pot where people of many different cultures co-existed. Described as a bright child, Smith was known to play up his natural charm. When he was attending high school, Smith’s teachers took note of this and aptly nicknamed him “Prince” for his ability to charm his way out of trouble. Little did Smith know that this nickname would stick (for a long time), bringing him success and fame in the process.

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@Will Smith The Family Man

One thing that keeps Will Smith grounded is his family. He enjoys raising his three children with his wife of over 13 years, actress Jada Pinkett Smith. The family is often photographed together on red carpets and is known for their close bond. Smith shared the big screen with his son Jaden in 2006’s The Pursuit of Happyness.

[Rachel& Ken]

R: May I have your attention, please? Would David Johns Deborah Jones please come to the circulation desk? David Johns, Deborah Jones to the circulation desk. Thank you.

K: Rachel, why did you make that announcement? This is a library. It’s supposed be quiet.

R: Well, someone called the library looking for David Johns Deborah Jones. It seemed to be And they said it was an emergency. That’s why I made an the announcement over the PA system.

K: The PA system. What’s that?

R: Well. The PA system is stands for a public address. It is made to so everyone in a large area can hear the announcement.

K: Oh, well, my pen pal sent me a letter and its his address had the letters, PA, after the city. Did Does that mean the letter has a public address?

R: No, PA stands for a state – Pennsylvania – in that case. All of the states have abbreviations that are used in mailing addresses. For example, California is CA, New York is NY, and Taxes is TX.

K: Oh, I see. Why do they have abbreviations?

R: Well, the abbreviations saves space and time when writing.

K: I get it. Thank you, Rachel.

R: You’re welcomed.

K: Hey, I think David Johns Deborah Jones just shows showed up.

R: Oh, good.

Address: 對某人講話
Pennsylvania (PA)
California (CA)
New York (NY)
Taxes (TX)
PA: A public address (
公共場所的廣播) relies on a PA system.





@grounded (adj) 腳踏實地的,平時的

Although Frank is a successful businessman, he stays grounded and treats everyone with respect.



@ethnic (adj) 人種的,種族的

Representatives from many ethnic groups all attended the meeting.


He tried to hide his ethnic background because he feared being discriminated against.



@play up something 凸顯,賣弄,故意強調

Sarah loves to play up her ability to speak different languages, especially in front of her boss.


Jack always plays up his past achievements as a student because he’s not doing well in his job right now.



[Vocabulary & phrase]

sitcom (n) 情景喜劇situation comedy

grounded (adj) 有基礎的,腳踏實地的

A-lister (n) 一線演員

ethnic (adj) 種族的,民族的

play up something 凸顯,過分強調

charm (n) 魅力


stay grounded, play up, differing, blockbuster, melting pot. aptly



starred in multiple blockbuster films

stay grounded.

differing ethnic backgrounds

a melting pot , New York.

aptly  adverb 適當地,適切地;巧妙地

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