20110108_ Determinating Asia’s Best(2)

One doesn’t need summer to enjoy the water!



[Chelsea & Brandon]

How it all works
In the first round, each of the 16 teams will compete in three
matches (just for soccer and tennis). Then the eight most successful teams will progress to the next round. The teams that lose in the four matches of that round are knocked out of the tournament. The teams that survive then complete in four final matches that determine the winner. This winning team claims the Asian title for four years. In addition, it automatically qualifies for another tournament – the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup in Brazil.
Where it all happens
This year’s Asian Cup will take place in the Middle Eastern country of Qatar. Though it’s one of the world’s smallest countries, Qatar isn’t worried about handling the crowd. It successfully hosted the AFC Asian Cup in 1988, using only two stadiums. This time, however, the oil-rich country will use five.
Qatar certainly won’t be the only country putting its best foot forward at the tournament. Asia’s finest will be doing the same as the Asian Cup determines its champion.

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[Rachel& Ken]

K: Hi, Rachel.
R: Hi, Ken. What are you up to?
K: Oh. I just took a walk in the park. The weather is great.
R: Oh. I know. I
‘d like to go for a walk by myself when I take a my coffee break.
K: Hey, Rachel. There were some guys playing football in the park. I was confused by something they said.
R: Hmm. What did they say?
K: Well, one of the players got a point, everybody yelled “touchdown”. What is
that “touchdown”?
R: A touchdown is a score in American football.
K: Oh, I thought that was called a score.
R: Well, that’s
a the general term for making a point in a game. But there are many terms for a points depending on the sports.
K: So in American football, it is called “touchdown.”
R: Right. And in basketball we say a “basket.” In baseball we say “run.” And in soccer we say….
K: Oh, I know. A “goal.”
R: Right.
K: What about in rugby?
R: Oh, a score in rugby is called a “try.”
K: Wow, —.
these are So many different words for a score. How to do you remember them all?
R: Well, you already know soccer is goal and basketball is
a basket, so those are easy. In baseball you run around a the field, so that is a run. In football, most players touch andtheir knee down when they score, so that’s a ”touchdown.” In rugby, when you get a the ball to the end of a the field, you get a to “try” for a field goal. So the run is called a “try.”
K: What if I can
‘t remember all that?
R: Then just use
a the general term – score.
K: I see. Well, those are good devices to help me remember sports’ terminology. Thank you.
R: You’re welcome.
Points are scored; score a ~
Soccer – goal
Football – touchdown
Basketball – basket
Baseball – run
Rugby – try
Thanks very much for correcting my dictation.


If people are iceboating on Long Island, it is a fair bet that one of them will be Mike Acebo.

it is a fair bet  =    most likely

I’m trying to call my friend, but it is a fair bet that he doesn’t have his phone with him.

It’s a fair bet the store is closed already. Why don’t you go tomorrow morning?



knock out somebody 淘汰

Our opponents were knocked out easily by us.


This strong team was surprisingly knocked out in the first round of the tournament.


automatically (adv) 自動(自發)地,不自覺地

The computer software automatically sorts the names alphabetically.


The fee will be automatically deducted from your account every month.


put one’s best foot forward 竭盡所能,全力以赴

If you want to get the job, you’d better put your best foot forward at your interview.


Because the football captain always puts his best foot forward during practice, the whole team respects him.



[Vocabulary & phrase]

match (n) 比賽

knock out somebody 把…淘汰

title (n) 頭銜

automatically (adv) 自動地

take place 舉行

put one’s best foot forward 全力以赴

champion (n) 冠軍


Then the eight most successful teams will progress to the next round. 晉級 go forward

….are knocked out of the tournament. 淘汰

putting its best foot forward at the tournament. 全力以赴

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