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Asia’s biggest soccer tournament stats today

[Steve & Hazel]

Determinate = find out

[Chelsea & Brandon]


Today, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) begins one of the world’s foremost (most important/common) soccer tournaments. In the AFC Asian Cup, Asia’s top 16 national teams will contend to be the region’s best.

How it all got started
The AFC organizes the Asian Cup every four years. Stretching from Australia to Lebanon, this confederation is the most wide-reaching of FIFA’s six confederations.
The AFC began in 1954 with 12 participating nations. As soccer, called football in most countries, grew in popularity throughout Asia, so did the confederation. Today, the AFC claims 46 member nations – representing over half the world’s population!
AFC tournaments started in Hong Kong in 1956 with Korea Republic winning the first two. In the 1960s, victories shifted to the Middle East where they stayed until the 1990s. Japan brought triumph back to the Far East in 1992, winning three of the next four championships. Who will win this year’s Asian Cup? The next 32 games will answer that.

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[Rachel& Ken]

K: Hi, Rachel.
R: Hi, Hen. Did you go to the grocery store?
K: No, I bought
this these at farmers’ market.
R: Oh, the farmers’ market in town is really good. I
like love buying fresh vegetables.
K: I do, too. I also like it that it is right outside the town. But you know, the market can be really loud sometimes.
Did do you know why it is that way?
K: It’s because all of venders want my business. They always “
content” contend for my business.
R: Ken, do you mean
the saying to say “contend for your business?”
K: Contend for my business! Is that how you pronounce
the that word?
R: Yes, the stress is on the second syllable – contend. If you say “content”, people might think you are referring to content, C-O-N-T-E-N-T.
K: Wait, is
n’t that word pronounced “content”?
R: That’s
used using it as an adjective. To be content means to be satisfied.
K: Well, I’m satisfied once I buy the food.
R: Yes,
but all of are the venders are trying to satisfy you or convince you to buy their food.
K: Well. When they’re yelling, it’s so that, you know, I
would will buy their food.
R: Right, so they contend for your business. But a baby is content when he is fed.
K: That makes sense. So, “contend” means to win something.
R: That’s right. To contend is to compete to win something. And when we say
that someone has had to contend with something, we mean he has they had to fight in order to win. For example, the child has had to contend with the dog for the road rope. The child has had to fight the dog for the road rope.
K: I like that. Spain and Holland soccer teams had to contend for the world cup last year.
R: Good example. And now here is a sentence using “content”. The child
would was content playing with a the babysitter while their her parents were away.
K: Ok, that makes sense. Next time I go to the market, I would know who is contending for my business
and by how loud the market is. Thanks, Rachel.
R: No problem.

Contend for prize, business
Be content (adj) with/ to V
Content (v) sb.
Content (n)


Stretching from Australia to Lebanon, this confederation is the most wide-reaching of FIFA’s six confederations.


@ making something wider or longer

If you pull the shirt, you can stretch it.

@describe something wild or long.

Stretching from northern Peru to the Atlantic Ocean, the Amazon River is the world’s second-longest river.

The Rocky Mountains of North America stretch from Alaska to Mexico.



@foremost (adj) 最重要的,最著名的

When Henry was accepted by one of the foremost colleges in the U.S., his whole family was thrilled.


Sherry is one of the foremost biochemists of the country.



@represent (v) 代表

Geoffrey is representing his school in the national math contest.


The defendant hired a famous lawyer to represent him in court.


Red roses often represent love.



@shift (v) 轉移,轉換

She shifted her weight from one foot to the other so she wouldn’t feel tired.


He tried to shift his focus from his terrible break–up with Nancy to his job.



[Vocabulary & phrase]

confederation (n) 聯盟

foremost (adj) 最重要的

FIFA [Federation Internationale de Football Association] 國際足球協會

participate (v) 參加,參與

represent (v) 代表

shift (v) 轉換

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