20110106_Iceboating (2)

One doesn’t need summer to enjoy the water!


@iceboating accident, wreck.

[Chip & Ryan]

If people are iceboating on Long Island, it is a fair bet that one of them will be Mike Acebo. I’ll go anywhere there’s ice, he says. I don’t think there is anything else that’s as exciting. You’re just using wind power and going at 60 miles per hour, two inches above the surface.

Before aircraft, some of the fastest vehicles devised [made or created] were iceboats. Yet, where there is speed, there is also danger.

Iceboaters need fast reactions and must read the ice carefully to make sure they do not plunge through it [fall into/down]. In 2009 a man died after falling through the ice. And in 2006 a man was killed after his iceboat slammed into[hit] his brother’s iceboat.

Bill Kanz has had a few close encounters himself. When his boat broke through the surface, his friends knew what to do. They quickly brought out the ropes to haul[carry] the boat out of the ice.

Acebo and Kanz, who built their boats together at Acebo’s shipyard, agree that iceboating is not really about the adrenaline rush[刺激感]– it’s about camaraderie.

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[Rachel& Ken]

R: Hi, Ken. What are you reading today?
K: Wow, a book about ice fishing.
R: Um. That’s very interesting. Do you enjoy fishing?
K: Yes, I do, but I usually fish off
the shore. In this book, they walk out onto the ice and draw drill a hole to fish.
R: Ice fishing sounds like it would be very cold, but fun.
K: It does. I would like to try ice fishing sometime.
R: You
sure should, but make sure you have a guide.
K: That’s what the book suggests.
R: Because working on ice is very dangerous.
As it says here you need to know how to read the ice, so you don’t get hurt. I don’t get it. There, there’s are no words on the ice. so Howdid do you read the ice?
R: Ken, that’s a good question for Studio Classroom’s editor-in-chief, Doris.
D: Reading
 an the ice means that when you are on ice, you have to watch for the thin ice, holes, clefts cracks and bumps, so you don’t get hurt. If you’re in a moving slab sled and hit a bump in the ice, you can end up with in a very painful leg wreck. And when ice is too thin orcleft cracked, it could break. So always hiring hire a guide when you are on ice that you aren’t familiar are unfamiliar with.
K: Ok, that makes sense. So
I see ice  fishermen read the ice, what watch how it looks to move safely across the top.
R: That’s right.
See, say, can you read a the land, too.
R: Yes, farmers read the lands all the time to decide where the best land is for growing
the different crops or raising cattle and storing equipment.
K: So, reading the ice or land is looking at way,
its shape it is shaved and watch how it is made of.
R: Yes, then making
 a the decision how to use it successfully.
K: Um. What
else can I read using the this sense of read?
R: Um, good question. Have you ever heard someone say that he can
‘t read a person’s behavior?
K: Oh. Yeah, I’ve heard that. So, behavior has no word
s, either. How do you read someone’s behavior?
R: When you read someone’s behavior, you’re trying to understand
the a person by how they act. So, when I meet a new girl for the first time, I try to read her to understand a little bit about who she is by the way she acts.
K: So, if I get to go ice fishing, I should also try to read my guide to understand how to work with him by understanding a little bit about him.
R: That’s right. That’s a good thing to do.
K: Wow, thanks for the explanation.
R: No problem. I hope you get to go ice fishing with a guide, who can read the ice.
K: Me too. And I
’m trying will try to read my guide, so we get along well.

Read: 觀測;判斷
Read somebody like a book:



Draw out 1

Withdraw 2


If people are iceboating on Long Island, it is a fair bet that one of them will be Mike Acebo.

it is a fair bet  =    most likely

I’m trying to call my friend, but it is a fair bet that he doesn’t have his phone with him.

It’s a fair bet the store is closed already. Why don’t you go tomorrow morning?



@devise (v) 發明,設計

Mr. Jones devised many fun games to play with his kindergarten students.


The new marketing strategy was devised by the whole team.



@ plunge (v) 忽然掉落,縱身跳下

The car went out of control and plunged over the bridge.


The girl ran to the beach and plunged into the water.


The company’s stock prices plunged 10% in one day.



@camaraderie (n) 友情,友愛

After the summer training, a strong sense of camaraderie developed among the member of the soccer team.



[Vocabulary & phrase]

devise (v) 設計,發明

plunge (v) 跳進,投入

slam (v) 衝擊,猛力抨擊

haul (v) 拖拉,拖運

camaraderie (n) 同志之愛,友情

adrenaline rush, devise, plunge, slam into, haul, camaradire


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