20110105_Iceboating (1)

One doesn’t need summer to enjoy the water!


@iceboating accident, wreck.

[Chip & Ryan]


When the coldest depths of winter come to Long Island, New York, the sea and lakes freeze into smooth sheets [paper] of ice. If you are fortunate [luck], you might hear the crack of the Long Island iceboats speeding through the chilly air.

When those boats go by at 80 miles per hour, it sets off [cause] a vibration, says Bill Kanz, long-time iceboater and member of the orient Ice Yacht Club. There’s nothing like it. It’s a roar(隆隆聲) like a fighter jet going over you.

The boats sit above the ice on skates and have a sail that catches the wind. The boats draw out the whole community of Orient, bundled [wrapped] in their warmest garments. Orient, a pretty village at the tip of Long Island, is located 100 miles or so from New York City. Surrounded by water on most sides, Orient is ideal for iceboating.

It’s really special. When the ice is frozen thick enough, the whole village comes out, even those who don’t iceboat, Kanz says. It’s very social; people will hang around talking all day.

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[Rachel& Ken]

R: Ken, What’re you reading?
K: Oh, I ‘m studying to be a lifeguard.
R: Really? That’s cool. Do you enjoy playing in the water?
K: I love the water. Hey, do you like to swim, Rachel?
R: Yes, I also love swimming. My favorite summer activity is taking a boat out on the water.
K: Why is that your favorite activity?
R: Well, I
’d like to wait the way everyone can gets involved. You know boats draw out the a whole community of people.
K: How can a boat draw out people?
R: Um. That’s a good question. Draw-out has multiple meanings. One is to persuade to speak and another is when someone or something is
attractive attracted or interested, both boats attract a community of people to left leave home, and have a fun in/at  the water or draw them out. Would but you can could help a shy child to begin speak in public or draw them out.
K: Um, interesting. Rachel, could you say boats can withdraw
the people from their houses.
R: Not really. Withdraw is when you take something back. I
would withdraw my cake from the tasting taste testing contest because it isdoes not tasted taste very good. I would take it out of the contest. I can also withdraw money from my bank account or take the money out of my account.
K: So, to draw out something is to attract
it toward and to withdraw is to remove or take away.
R: That’s right.
K: Ok. I get it.



Draw out 1

Withdraw 2




@ set off something 啟動,引發

We accidentally set off the alarm and the security people arrived right away.


These fireworks can be easily set off.


A careless joke set off a big argument between the couple.



@vibration (n) 震動,顫動

Vibrations from the construction site were felt miles away.


Even at a high speed, the car’s engine causes very little vibration.



@hang around 聚在一起,泡在一塊

My brother loves to hang around with his high school buddies even though he graduated years ago.


We hang around at the café until late last night.



[Vocabulary & phrase]

fortunate (adj) 幸運的,僥倖的

set off something 引發 + explosion, firework

vibration (n) 震動,顫動

roar (n) 吼叫, exciting sound

bundle (v) , bundle up in clothes, or group Sth.

garment (n) 外衣,衣服

hang around 聚集在一起,纏住不放 ; hang out 泡在某處


fortunate, set off something, vibration, roar, bundle, garment, hang around

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