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What do top executives really do


CEO,CFO,CIO,COO behind their names.

A high level of confidence is no guarantee of success.

[Winnie & Chip]

Top boss, draw


Business executive (Top boss) – for some, the term elicits respect and envy, while for others executives are a source of resentment and a symbol of greed. But how much do people really know about executives – and their roles in the organizations they lead?

A lot of attention is given to the perks executives enjoy – big offices, expense accounts and large paychecks. Less focus falls on the long hours, high stress levels and limited job security faced by many executives. Very few people really understand what it is like to be a senior executive. Of all the workers in the U.S., only 0.27 percent are chief executives – making top executives members of a very exclusive and mysterious club.

Here are some of the most common executive positions and the roles they play in the organizations they work for.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

People usually think of a CEO as the boss. Indeed, a CEO is generally the highest-ranking administrator in an organization; however, that doesn’t make CEOs all-powerful. While they are often responsible for achieving goals, planning and oversight of an organization. CEOs are ultimately (in the end, finally) responsible to an organization’s board of directors and shareholders.

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[Rechal& Ken]

R: Sorry, Brian. I can’t go to the movies movie tonight. I know it will be fine, but I can’t go. No, sorry, I ‘m working long hours here in at the library right now. Ok. Well, have fun without me, Bye.
K: Hey, Rachel. I couldn’t help overhearing your phone conversation just now. What did you mean by long hours? I thought an hour had 60 minutes in it. 
R: An hour does have 60 minutes in it.
K: Well, then how can one hour be longer than another? 
R: (Laugh). That’s a good question. Why don’t we go to
the studio classroom‘s editor in chief Doris for the answer?
K: Ok.
D: When someone says long hours, it means
that the person is doing something longer and later than it they used to do. Most of the time the phrase – long hours – is used to talk about working or studying.
K: I see. So when you told Brain that you had to work long hours, you meant you’re working later than
usually usual.
R: That’s right.
This which is why I can’t go to the movies movie.
K: What about small hours? My professor said he worked through
the small hours to grasp grade papers. So, are small hours when you’re working less than you usually do?
R: No, small hours or wee hours means
the early hours of the morning, usually between one and five in the morning. So, if you are up untilthe small hours or the wee hours finishing your homework. That means that you‘re still awake stay away all the way through the night untilthe morning.
K: Um. I don’t like having to stay up until
the wee hours.
R: (Laugh) Most people
do it don’t.
K: Thank you for explaining all that. I hope you don’t have to keep working long hours.
R: Me too.
and I still would like see a that movie sometimes. And, Ken, I hope you don’t continue studying until the wee hours.
K: (Laugh) I
‘ll try not to.

have funwithoutgrade papersawakebe up



A lot of attention is given to the perks executives enjoy – big offices, expense accounts and large paychecks. Less focus falls on the long hours, high stress levels and limited job security faced by many executives.

a lot of attention is given to……less focus falls on……

A lot of attention is given to how glamorous fashion models look in fashion magazines. Less focus falls on how hard it is for models to work at these photo shoots.

A lot of attention is given to how amazing movie stars look on film. Less focus falls on how the workers behind the scenes make the movie stars look good.



@resentment (un) 憤怒,怨恨,厭惡 resent (v)

Henry has a lot of resentment toward his parents during his teenage years.


Her promotion caused widespread resentment among her colleagues.


@exclusive (adj) 獨有的,專用的;昂貴的,高級的

This lounge is for the exclusive use of our VIP customers.


This brand of leather jackets can only be found in this exclusive store.


@ultimately (adv) 最後,終究

Timothy’s hard work ultimately won him a promotion.


Sam works for his uncle right now, but ultimately he wants to open his own business.


[Vocabulary & phrase]

Resentment, exclusive, ultimately, perk, executives, greed

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